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Abandoned Elysium Progressive/Technical/Death
Abandoned Elysium was founded in 2012 by friends Kevin Oper and Karl Mesipuu, both old bandmates from Lies Of A Dead Witness and other earlier projects. After some time of searching "the perfect artillery" and backbone, they ... Read more >>

Accolada progressive heavy-rock
Accolada was founded under another name in the end of 1998 in Tallinn by bassplayer Vadim Borisõts, drummer Vasja Naidenov (both from post punk band "Gadskii Papa"), guitarist Vitali Solovjov (from "Ferrum") and veteran guitar ... Read more >>

Aeon Aethereal Melodic Death/Thrash/Black
The band now known as Aeon Aethereal was formed by two brothers, the guitarist Ove-Kuth and singer Ott Kadak in February 2004. With Dan on drums, Silver on guitar and Andres on bass, the band went by the name BloodForge. ... Read more >>

Against the Day experimental, noise, metal
To succumb to the sweet promise of the collective hive brain’s summons, giving up all personal freedom in exchange for total communal security and the advancement of the glorious Species as opposed to that of the insignificant ... Read more >>

Aggressor Death Metal
Aggressor was founded back in 1989 when the first rehearsals started. In the beginning of 1990 they "released" their first rehearsal demo "Indestructible" - it had strong influences of Kreator. Their first official gig ... Read more >>

Aldevia Melodic doom metal
2003: MordylouS, Metsa-Ants and Hendric joined forces before the summer, to create a band playing heavy music. At first the idea was to play pure doom metal but eventually it came out as a rewarding mixture of doom and thrash ... Read more >>

Altheria Melodic Death/Thrash
Altheria, whose roots reach year 2006, is some kind of a thrash/death metal mix, which is inspired first of all by vodka, weeds and women, even tho their real musical inspirations becomes of various genres. Screaming vocals, ... Read more >>

Anal Caves Grindcore
We first started jamming with only the guitarrist and the drummer in the beginning of summer 2008. At first all we knew was that we wanted to do something that isn't been done before so we just jammed for several months, ... Read more >>

Analysis hard rock/heavy metal
Analysis is a band, that plays hard rock and heavy metal. The repertory includes mostly our own music, but there is also an important place for covers from giants like Black Sabbath, ACDC, Nirvana and some more. The ... Read more >>

Archmages alternative
We started making a band back in1998 under the name Refinery. Founding members were Volli Kalju (guitar) and Andri Laidre (guitar and bass). He’s now playing in a band named Sequence. Soon we found a permanent guitar player ... Read more >>

Ascent Thrash Metal

Assamalla melodic native black metal
Assamalla was born in the early summer of 1996, when Andre Pichen, Erki Hirv and Veigo Peetsalu, having displaced their previous non-metal groups, decided to try something different, mixing black metallish guitars with keyboards ... Read more >>

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