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B.D.Ö. B-Core Heavy
Built on 23rd of october 1990 on Näituse rehersal rooms by Lemo, Inz, Petu & Dan. First time in public somewhere in the end of 1990/beginning of 1991 at Nõmme Rahvamaja on the event organized by Alex Alcoholic. Last time ... Read more >>

Baalsebub Medieval Brutal Slam Death Metal
Baalsebub was formed on the 3th of January 2013 by Markus Saar. Later on that winter, Tarvi Neemelaik came along to transform the ideas of Markus into quitar riffs to go along with the blasting and slamming drums. Couple ... Read more >>

Bestia pagan black metal
BESTIA is a pagan black metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Join our FB page at: Read more >>

BlackPaul Old School Metal with Modern Edge
Bio for Paul Lepik What sound would you get where you to consume the hearts of James Hetfield of Metallica , Chuck Billy of Testament and add a pinch of Phil Anselmo from Pantera with a touch of Jim Morrison for extra ... Read more >>

Bloodrain Heavy Metal
The band was formed in the year 2000. It took about three months to create a few songs and get the first demo recorded. The first gigs were at the Gutar Safari bar where Bloodrain won the first Safari Rock contest with only ... Read more >>

Brides in Bloom Rock
Brides in Bloom is a hard working rockband from Estonia. Their melodic music combines the sounds of modern & classic rock. This kind of symbiosis produces a unique sound & uniformity, that hasn’t been heard in these grounds. ... Read more >>

Brutal Methods experimental thrash metal
Founded in Sept. 2005, thrash metal band from Tallinn was previously a trio with singing guitarist Maxik, lead-guitarist Napalm and bassplayer Molotok, where drummer's role played a computer. Idea of creation of a band was ... Read more >>

Burn Still metal/hardcore
Hailing from Tallinn Estonia, the band started regular rehearsals in January of 2006, quickly establishing themselves in the Estonian metal/hardcore scene with their explosive live sets. Winning band contests and playing ... Read more >>

Byolence modern polyrhythmic thrash metal
Meet the polyrhythm pioneers of Estonia who re-define the meaning of metal! Byolence is a four piece metal outfit from Tallinn whose story began a couple of years ago when Nick and Oleg, two founding members, decided ... Read more >>

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