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C.C.C. Satanic death metal as fuck!
Conspiratio Contra Christianum The band was started by Mantas and Lauri. A year later joined them Ben from Monument. After a year of rehearsing joined two more antichristians - Jaanus and Ank. The band was ready for liveshows ... Read more >>

Cantilena Thrash
Cantilena is 4 men with Thrash metal connecting them. Their journey started out in April of 2009, when the members of two Estonian old-school metal bands decided to start creating music truly closest to their souls. By now, ... Read more >>

Captain Flint grindcore
Ultra-fast South-Estonian (North-Livonian) grindcore/hardcore/punk band founded in 1990 in Põlva. The group disbanded in 1993. Line-up Roy Strider - vocals Janek "Jaan" Ojaste - guitar Talis "DJ Talisman" Paide - guitar Lehari ... Read more >>

Carnifex progressive death metal
Carnifex was formed in the April of 1993, when the current guitarist Kaspar joined a project of Kristian and Risto Sülluste, drummer Jaan and guitarist Silver. Since it was decided to take it a bit more seriously, Kristian took ... Read more >>

Catafalc Brutal Death Metal
It was the year 1999, when the Estonian metal scene was shaken by death-like guitar riffs, fast drums and sepulchral growling not proper for the time.. The decay of a former band and serial festival “Põrguwärk” (R.I.P.), ... Read more >>

Catalepsy noise/death/industrial
Catalepsy started in the year 2000 in Mõisaküla, where two friends decided to express themselves through music. A name – Dark Catalepsy – was chosen, but was soon shortened. Read more >>

Celestial Crown Atmospheric Blackened Gothic Doom Metal
Celestial Crown is an Estonian metal band that harmonically combines different styles ranging from caressing gothic melodies to aggressive black and death metal. Its origin dates back to 1999 when two course mates in physics ... Read more >>

Cenotaph Death Metal
Cenotaph was formed during the high tide of the death metal trend in Pärnu. Aike's previous band was called Lunatic, but since half of the members wrere recruited to the army, a new suitable crew was formed. After a year ... Read more >>

Ceremonial Perfection Melodic Death Metal
CEREMONIAL PERFECTION - is a melodic death metal band from Tallinn, formed in december of 2007. It's hard to find anybody, who would not be thrilled about the band's evolution. The guys' average age is 18, though in about ... Read more >>

Connatural Terror Death Metal
Terrifying and unpredictable, there are Powers beyond any control, logic and reason. By design, Connaturally, they are to roar around rambunctiously,it's their nature.Be it psyche(loose canons in the head), carnal , steel ... Read more >>

Connect[&]Cut Walking the nonexistant borders of metal and rock...
Coming soon...

Crashdaf Nu Metal
We are nu-metal band from Tartu and we started with our band in February 2004. Before Crashdaf we all have played years in different bands, we have vast experience in playing instruments and perfoming. We are inspired by ... Read more >>

Creature Thrash Metal
Creature... .. was formed as a school band in 1988 in Tallinn's Third Secondary School (now Lilleküla Gymnasium); .. performed mostly in clubs La Rocco and 326; .. had a chance to play at two Noorte Muusa festivals as ... Read more >>

Cryptica thrash metal
Coming Soon!

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