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D.N.R. Blackdeath Metal
D.N.R. - the one and only active Black-Grind act from Tallinn was formed in 1996. Though the lineup has been quite unstable, the band has performed several live shows and in 2000, a 5-track demo "Die Ewigen Mauern" was recorded. Then ... Read more >>

Damage heavy metal
Damage was formed in 1991 when four young headbangers started to practice at their school. After a while the first demo tape was recorded and soon the band was interviewed and demo tracks played in Viimsi radio. The band ... Read more >>

Damage Inc. power/thrash metal
Formed after Grendel's disbanding (actually, lineup is same), cut one song in studio (Judas Priest cover "Grinder", in compilation "Worship Judas - Tribute to Judas Priest" ) and hit stage only once. When Madis (leading ... Read more >>

Daruma hardcore/thrash metal
Formed in 2003 by Grizzly and Manson. Daruma is a band which is bringing to you the sounds of insanity and unease, riots and rage, sex and violence. We're young and hungry for action. Right now we're in the studio, rehearsing ... Read more >>

Dawn Of Gehenna doom rock
Dawn Of Gehenna was founded on the ashes of Estonia's (probably) first doom metal band Mystique, active in the late 80s. By the year 1993 only the drummer Aiku had remained from the original line-up. Not willing to turn from ... Read more >>

Dead Straight progressive thrash metal
The progressive thrash metal band Dead Straight was born in Rakvere in late summer of 2005. Back then Meiko and Reino, who had been jamming in several underground groups were itching to start a more serious project. Having ... Read more >>

Decease Death Thrash grinding
Decease was formed back in 1992 by Rakvere musicians Kiva, Ahto, Kupi and Madox. Soon Karu joined the group and their one and only demo "Emotions" was recorded in 1994. In 1996 the band decided to change their name to Echosilence ... Read more >>

Deceased Dreams melodic death metal
Deceased Dreams is now SyrCity.

Deilegium Melodic Black Metal
DEILEGIUM was founded in the autumn of 1995 in Tallinn. In the beginning the band consisted of drummer Denis (POSTMORTEM, SUGAR FREE) and guitar players Andrey and Igor. For a long time the band lacked a singer and a bass ... Read more >>

Devotus Regnum melodic damned black metal
The band was founded in the year 2000. At the very beginning the band was called Fatal Silence. The idea of its creation belonged to Kryptos but he wasn’t a member of a band yet because around that time was playing guitar ... Read more >>

Discrucior Doom Death Metal
DISCRUCIOR is a metal band from Estonia. Their music is a mix of death, heavy and doom metal, with the wide variety of vocals- from clear singing to poignant blackmetal-screams and extremely low grunts. The history of ... Read more >>

Disgraced Modern Melodic Death Metal
Disgraced is a group from Jõhvi, which produces modern melodic death metal with a thick and heavy sound and is influenced by thrash metal and metalcore. Band has performed over a year for now and has gigged in various locations ... Read more >>

Diversia heavy metal
The first days of Diversia route back to 1995, when Darja Tanashenko, Lena Mihhejeva and Sergei Kutergin formed such a band. The very first gig was played on the 8th of March, 1996 in “Lindakivi” cultural centre. After the ... Read more >>

Drat metal
IN THE BEGINNING: In 1995 after a while of practising something one might call a sugary form of conventio-punk, 3 guys found their way into somewhat semi-serious stuff. In the beginning of 1996 there was a new addition to ... Read more >>

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