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Kalm Raw pagan black metal
KALM began it's journey as a single man's (Alan) art-output which showed the rage and anger of heathen loneliness in it's roughest way. Alan managed to release 4 demos by himself, but for gigs He needed some assistance. ... Read more >>

Kamaloka Newage metal
Kamaloka is a 5 piece metal band from Estonia. The history starts from the moment Damarus, Martin and Art met up and decided to make music. After many attempts with different musicians the guys found a bass player Diptan ... Read more >>

Kantor Voy progressive darkpop
Progressive metal band Kantor Voy was formed in november 2003 from its 10 year old predecessor Carnifex. The reason for this kind of metamorphosis was to mark the change in bands music that had already gradually evolved ... Read more >>

Khillem precious metal
Khillem formed in April 2006! Precious metal!

Killemboth Death Grind
The idea of Killemboth was born in 1993 but serious activity started years later in 2000. After some rehearsals and songwriting first gigs took place in 2002. Killemboth was a fun-project of Forgotten Sunrise’s leaders plus ... Read more >>

Kyne A Lenx Healing & easy listening psychedelic grindcore
KYNE A LENX is a band of hungry & angry meat-loving mentally challenged sick bastards. Formed in November 2008. Read more >>

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