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Leech alternative
Big Tasty 2000 a small larvae started it's life in a center of an orange. A regular orange, not anything too fancy or special, but boy was it tasty. The larvae grew and grew while eating it's way out of it's tasty, but a ... Read more >>

Leek was formed in 2003 when Lauri and Kaspar met in one other band rehersal. But both discovered that it was better to continue with another style. The name Leek was and still is a cigarette brand in Estonia and that's ... Read more >>

Loits Militant Flak`n`Roll
Loits, having started out with rather straightforward pagan black metal back in 1996 and still staying true to their roots, have managed to carve out a totally fresh and quite original heavy music genre of distinctly melancholic ... Read more >>

Loom Hard-rock
Imagine... a dark room. You’re sitting in a chair, bound and gagged. You think it’s a basement... or an attic. Suddenly a spotlight appears in the middle of the room and a vision of Lemmy from Motörhead and Lou ... Read more >>

Ludificatio Daemonium Black Metal
Ludificatio Daemonium is against religion(s) - There is no God and there never was... We are against the stupidity that is "Christianity". Monetarily raping the weak to become powerful organizations is the only objective ... Read more >>

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