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Macbeth melodic death
* Formed in 1993 in Tartu, started out as a death metal band. * Released two albums in the end of 1993 and 1994 * Parted in 1995, softening their style with band Candles To Holy Sisters (1996-1998), later The Bleach (1998-1999) Read more >>

Maleva melodic/thrash metal
Maleva was founded in January 2006. In April 2006 the band recorded their first demo called "Laulud, mis raiutud kivisse". In August 2006 Trinity left from band. --- Check our Myspace. New song up! Debut album ... Read more >>

Manatark extreme metal
Beneath the layer of recognized leaders of the metal scene there has always been a world of it's own - the pillars and walls that support the mighty. Over the past years MANATARK, the premium black metal act from Tallinn, ... Read more >>

Marras hatecore
coming soon!!!!!

Mass In Comatose death metal
Mass in Comatose is a three-piece death metal act from Tallinn, Estonia that plays old-school death metal with a playfully experimetal edge. The birth of the band was in early 2007, when Sorts, having parted ways with ... Read more >>

Mater Tenebra heathen black/death metal
The roots of black metal band Mater Tenebra lie somewhere in the mist of year 1999 when Vlad "Nevermore" met Sigurd and Edd and they all together launched a project called Nomad to express their own ideas in extreme metal. ... Read more >>

Meatopathy Brutal Death Metal
The band was born in Winter 2003 when Dmitry, Aleksandr, Boris and Pavel left Vigilia Mortum (a brutal death metal band founded by Radik Karevin in mid-90s where the lads have been playing together since Summer 2002). Meatopathy ... Read more >>

Meinardus raw, straightforward black metal
Meinardus is a metal group from Estonia. Definition of our music is very simple - straightforward and crushing pure old school black metal! Meinardus was born in the end of 1998, founded by Enthorn (guitar) and Arombard (guitar). ... Read more >>

Metsatöll pagan-folk metal
On 24 February 1999, three men held a meeting at the borders of the Pääsküla bog, in the singer and guitar player Markus’s basement, one of whom could play a little bit of guitar, another who knew how to play a little bit ... Read more >>

MintTaara pagan black/thrash metal
MintTaara was founded in april 2006 by Martin (guitar), Priit (bass), Marko (vocals) and Robert (drums). Due to lack of skills the progress in the beginning was slow and our music sounded very punkish. Still we didn't give ... Read more >>

Misdeed Brutal Death Metal
Misdeed was a one-of-a-kind death metal act in Estonia.. The band started at december 1992. Klim as the founder of the band asked Creator to team up. After some rehearsing the crew didn't feel right to Klim and Creator was ... Read more >>

Misery ....and Justice for All
It was April 2, 1995, on some person's (inc) birthday when SILVER and TARVO pondered over the idea of forming a new band. Burning some midnight oil and some alcohol in their livers they elaborated all aspects of the concept ... Read more >>

Monument Death Metal
...

Moonlight Descends melodic black metal
Moonlight Descends was created in November at 1999 in cooperation of Raivo, Saku, Tan and Eku. Raivo and Tan played guitars, Saku synth and Eku vocals. There were some problems finding bassplayer and drummer. For some time ... Read more >>

Morbicae & Ürgõn Folk Metal
Morbicae & Ürgõn is an international folk-metal project that was founded in the summer of 2006. The music is created in a way that isn't very common - both band members record their parts in their own homes in Estonia and ... Read more >>

Morgue's Last Choice Doom/Dark/Industrial Metal
MLC was born in 2002 when Lunastaja experimented with the ugliest, slowest industrial-noise-ambient that face of the earth could stand. In 2004 JkPoig and Põrguisand joined. With their help MLC's first full-length album "Vulgaria ... Read more >>

Morigan melodic thrash metal
MORIGAN cynical™ (cynical thrash-metal) The band was re-formed in 2003 although it's true history dates back to 1998. With speed and fierce personality they crawl under your skin and enhance the musical experience ... Read more >>

MorningRise Doom Metal
It was December 1999 when two old school mates (Thoth and Venom) decided the time has come for them to form a band of their own and kicked off with their first rehearsal in a grandpa's garage. At about the same time they ... Read more >>

Mortifero death metal
" Far away from all, where „ normal “ things do not happen, there is a place called Selja. And somewhere over there, big ugly hairy men were seen, who in their sawmills sadistically tortured the strings of their instruments. ... Read more >>

Mortified Melodic Death Metal
Estonia's premiere melodic death metal act Mortified first rehearsed on September 18, 1992 and played live first on November 27, 1992 (How do I remember? Incidentally, these are correspondingly the death and birth dates of ... Read more >>

Mortophilia Brutal Death Metal
It was October of 2000 when four rebellious schoolmates Con, Rain, Orb and Orav from a small Estonian town called Otepää united their forces and created the beast titled Mortophilia. Thes guys didn't knew how to play but ... Read more >>

Must Missa black/thrash metal
1996 - someday around winter Kris and Viking got together to create a band. Living in really small town the effort was big enough for Berg to join shortly afterwards, in the beginning of the year 1997 – Berg Joined. ... Read more >>

Must Rannik viking/death metal
Must Rannik started rehearsals in 2007 after Triin and Indrek figured out that they want to do a band. They started to train thei're skills on bass and drums. Then joined Vello Piiskop and we made our first songs and our ... Read more >>

My Ritual Metalcore
My Ritual was found in year 2005 by Juli Lillepea, the guitar player and one of the founder of the Estonian new-metal band 140 MHz (1995-2000). At the beginning it was not clear how far will Juli's idea to get the band together ... Read more >>

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