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Necro Strike Mulgi Death
Necro Strike is a death metal group from Viljandi, the band is also known as Nahuj Strike, but that name was changed in spring of 2004. The original line-up was No:PS (vocals, drums), Hux (guitar) and Otd (bass) in the ... Read more >>

Nekropol Doom-Death Metal
Nekropol was formed in May 1989 by Urmas Valge and Sigvard Rätte. The band started out as a heavy metal band, then evolved into a speed-thrash metal band. Over the next year, the band went through many different guitarists, ... Read more >>

Neoandertals Bass Death Metal
NEOANDERTALS is an avant-garde bass death metal band from Estonia. The band was founded in 2003 in the village of Arula, near Otepää with Rain Pohlak as the bassist/vocalist and Roland Seer as the drummer. In 2004 Toomas ... Read more >>

Nihilistikrypt death metal
Recovered, but not yet fully treated from Psykhosis, Nihilistikrypt has recruited its lines with some new psykhopaths and will now reveal a glimpse of the background of Psykhosis by partially uncovering the actual log of ... Read more >>

Nitrous drag race thrash metal
Thrash metal project Nitrous masterminded by drag racing champion Lauri Kuriks effectively combines fast, powerful and deafening machines as subject matter with fast, powerful and deafening music. Estonia's – and possibly ... Read more >>

No-Big-Silence Industrial metal
The band was first introduced to a wider audience in the summer of 1995 at the Rock Summer festival, Estonia, where they headlined the B-stage. The crowd gave the band a spectacular welcome and from then on NO-BIG-SILENCE ... Read more >>

NoT soft, melodic nu-metal
The band was formed in the march of 2003, when some schoolboys from Rapla Co-educational Gymnasium decided to form a new soft nu-metal band. The music is mainly influenced by new wave metal and modern rock: Deftones, Korn, ... Read more >>

Nyrok City tattoometal
This is not just a band, this is a generation! The band was founded in 1993 by Edy and Roll in Tartu. Read more >>

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