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Paean Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Paean is an extreme progressive metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Their music can be described as an intense journey through diverse soundscapes, deriving inspiration from death/doom/black metal and ethereal acoustic interludes ... Read more >>

...

Palat hard joke

Pedigree industrial metal
PEDIGREE "..passion,aggression and pure sonic torment through the spectre of dark emotions and art..." Pedigree > recognized as pioneers of industrialized music in Baltic States,their self-expression is a molotov coctail ... Read more >>

Pirit Darkthronesque
Pirit was founded in 1995 by Mantas, one lazy bastard. In fact, it wasn`t much more than just a trilogy of epic songs, written as a result of some nice read, confusion and boredom. After playng and re-arranging these songs ... Read more >>

Plastic Whore industrial something
Plastic Whore is one big egotrippism. The journey started in May 2002. Only one member, Chopper, doing it all - guitar, programming, vocals. First album, "Wet Planet", out in 2004. Whore is now resting. There's gonna be ... Read more >>

Pluribus Impar pluribus metal
Founded in 1998 by Riina, Pyhak and Slay. In the beginning the band was called Sacrilegium, but after a couple of months it was renamed to Pluribus Impar. Band played 6 lives with different lineup every time, before disappearing ... Read more >>

Postmortem Progressive Death Metal
The prehistory of the band is the year 1990, when Sergey Shelepov and Mark Khekht, the students at Tallinn Technical School, have met together. Inspired by the common idea of organising a thrash-band they decided to start ... Read more >>

Predatory War Thrash Metal
The band started in 1987 as Kadunud Aas (named after a classmate who disappeared under mysterious circumstances), playing punk. Members of the trio also participated in bands Paskar Kolgats, Iron Hedgehog and numerous other ... Read more >>

Project Massacre urban metal
it all began in 2004. anton and ints were looking for a drummer and a guitar player to form a new band. after some searching, kaido and priit agreed to join the forces. as did aimar and the project was all set up. rehearsing ... Read more >>

Püha Kõblas Holy Metal
Püha Kõblas (Holy Mattock) was founded in 2005 by Holy Joseph´s Spirit Worshipersparish members to make Holy Joseph´s wisdom and power recievable to wider crowds. Creation speaks about faith and religion, cautions for religious ... Read more >>

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