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Scavenger black - death - thrash
The band started in 1999 as SCAVENGER – a monicker under which they managed to release two demos ("THE ENTRANCE" and "GOATTREND") and snatch a small-scale deal with FATAL FORUM PRODUCTION that released both as a tape album ... Read more >>

Sex Machine Industrial
Sex Machine was created by the members, who have been active in music business for years to provide the audience a unique, ravishing industrial music. SM consists of five exceptional members who together form wholly new course ... Read more >>

Shabash alternative/modern/gothic metal
The band was formed in February, 2001. In the very beginning the band consisted of two - Katrin and Natassja. In March Jane joined the band, she had come to play keyboard, nobody thought that she would sing someday. We were ... Read more >>

Shower speed - thrash
Shower were the kings of Estonian thrash metal. The power trio's debut demo "Brain Piracy" has undoubtedly been a big influence for a generation of Estonian metalheads. Read more >>

Sick Dog melodic death/thrash metal with some gothic lines
SICK DOG Einar and Andrei have been the backbones of Sick Dog since 2001. Over the time skills have been gained, style and people are changed through the years. Fusion with synth in 2006 gave new breathing. Notion of ... Read more >>

Sickbag real hatecore
Sickbag was founded by ex-members of Hamoh - Ants and Ago. Right now Sickbag is working on their first release "Greatest S(h)it". Read more >>

Skydancer Gloomy Doomy Gothic Metal

Smashed Nail Sister Neo-gothic metal
SMASHED NAIL SISTER Band from Eastern Europe - ESTONIA - SMASHED NAIL SISTER is a new challenging project (started from july of 2006). The artists succeed in a brand new sound by combination of electronic music enriched ... Read more >>

Sõjaruun Pagan Black Metal
Founded in 2007, performing old melodic pagan/black metal in the vein of Helrunar, Nagelfar, old Ulver and old Satyricon. In summer 2008 a selftitled MCD was recorded. Release date is 3 December 2008 via Black Devastation ... Read more >>

Solwaig New Metal
Solwaig has existed on Estonian music scape since January 2002. Being comparatively young band, you can`t say the same thing about the band members – all the musicians have been engaged (and some are still) in other famous ... Read more >>

Sons of Belial Symphonic Black/Death - Metal/Hardcore
The Sons Of Belial Are An All Original Metal Band Hailing From The Cleveland-Akron Area Of Ohio. They Formed In The Fall Of 2002 When Guitarist Jarrod Mayer (Obstacle Corpse, All That Falls) And Drummer Ryan (Obstacle Corpse, ... Read more >>

Soontagana black metal
----1998---- Küüvits Antso decided to form band, something in the vein of Burzum and Kalm. Even band name was already chosen – Soontagana. Only there was a total lack of instruments and musicians. Nevertheless, some tunes ... Read more >>

Sorts black metal
Sorts was kicked off more as a project than a fullblooded band in 1998 by Gates, a member of the first Estonian black metal act - The Grey Calamity. Later, Gates became known as, now already a former, guitar player of Loits ... Read more >>

Soulout Drunk lyrical metal
Soulout has started back in 1997 after punk-metal band Fit broke up. As the years went by the attitude and line-up has changed several times. Now it is all about having fun for ourselves and giving the same to the audience. ... Read more >>

Spellbinder thrash-death metal/neothrash
See ya all soon !

SpitBlood's debut album "Questionable Ethics" is avaliable at the Nailboard Netstore and LASERING recordstores!!! Booking: spitbloodband (at) "Questionable Ethics" was released in June 2006. Contents ... Read more >>

Splitmind cyber metal
Splitmind was formed in 2004 by two founding members : Sebas (guitars), Stas (voice). When the material has been settled, the search of bass player began. Soon bass player Alina took place in the band. Summer 2005 band’s ... Read more >>

Steel Scream Heavy/Thrash/Groove metal
WELCOME ON BOARD! We are Steel Scream and we play the purest old school heavy metal, music from times when both, men and music, were made of steel. The beginning Steel Scream was formed in late 2006 but all of us have ... Read more >>

Stem modernmetal
More than a year ago, Stem made the decision to give no more performances and start again from square one. The reasons for this were discontent with our material, absence of neccessary gear and a lack of vision for the future. ... Read more >>

Still Haunts Me metalcore
Still Haunts Me is a year 2007 five piece rollout metal act from the small country of Estonia. After their first EP "Remains of Decay" , numerous gigs and tons of sweat, Still Haunts Me has replaced the old-fashioned metalcore ... Read more >>

Suckbrain melodic alternative metal
Suckbrain was founded by core members of legendary heavy-punk-metal band Heavy Angels (Viljandi) after HA split in spring 1994. Suckbrain played melodic alternative metal influenced by Therapy?, Faith No More, Iron Maiden ... Read more >>

Sugarfree EMO, Alternative Metal
The band was formed in 1995 (official date is March, 8). Sugarfree have released 3 full lenght album on MC, 1 live album, 2 Demo MC's, 2 CD's, Upcoming (full-lenght) album will out in Spring 2006, it will contains DVD+CD ... Read more >>

Suppuration Death Metal
Mentioned to be as a fun-project of local band members. Featuring Tharaphita and Echosilence members. Released a 4-track demo "The First Victim of Mine" 2000. Read more >>

Surrogoat old-school death metal
Surrogoat was founded in the beginning of 1999, and rehearsals started very soon in a new place called Kruusaauk. And club Khattra was founded, too, that began to maintain the place. Founding members were Rauno Veeroja (from ... Read more >>

Sven Varkel heavy metal
Sven Varkel solo project.

Symbolic State death metal
SYMBOLIC STATE is a true ear-candy for all old school Death Metal maniacs, yet no-one can call what they do a pointless cloning or a hackneyed rehash. Guitar riffs vary from Dismember-like harsh melodies to brutal pounding ... Read more >>

SyrCitY djent
*** What is Syrcity? Syrcity is a five piece modern metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Its style can best be described as " eclectic mixture of odd rhythms, grooves, vocal harmonies and straightforward solid riffage". Trying ... Read more >>

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