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Taak ugri-doom
Taak (meaning "a heavy burden") was establisehd in November of 2005 as a parallel band of Dawn Of Gehenna. Taak has the same line-up as Dawn Of Gehenna and plays the same music, only the lyrics are in Estonian. As a direct ... Read more >>

Tanka Grunge
Really cool band founded in 2000 and died in 2002. Band won the "VIRU brewery" commercial game. Group did tour across Baltics with TIVOLI TUUR in 2001 and had a great success. But... finally, band became deorganized. Very ... Read more >>

Tarbatu old-style black-metal
Tarbatu was founded in the gloomy autumn of 1996 by Ghost (lead guitar) and Skugge (drums), in 1997 Satanizer (guitar, vocals) joined and in 1998 Elf (bass) joined. At the beginning Tarbatu made some pagan-metal, but slowly ... Read more >>

Tarm Raw Pagan Black Metal
In 1998 Küüvits Sünge decided to form band, something in the vein of Burzum and Kalm. Even band name was already chosen – Soontagana. 2000 Küüvits met Kristjan, who was inspired by folk metal, so instead of playing black ... Read more >>

Terroristic Professy Death Metal

Tharaphita Epic Pagan Black Metal
Tharaphita – True Estonian pagan metal! Created as a solo project of the vocalist-guitarist Ank, Tharaphita soon became one of the most unique Estonian pagan metal bands. The idea of Tharaphita was actually born in 1993 ... Read more >>

The Grey Calamity black metal
The band started in 1992 with the name of Spawngrip, playing mainly death metal. After the recording of a three-track demo (that has never been published) the band changed the name into The Grey Calamity. Besides the name, ... Read more >>

The Storm Gothic Heavy Power
The Storm is a hard working metal band from Estonia, Jõhvi. Their music combines power and heavy metal with a bit of gothic and even pop. This kind of mix produces a unique rich and powerful sound which is melodic and tough ... Read more >>

These Broken Remains Intensive metal with bursts of melody and a fistful of hardcore.
These Broken Remains is a band formed by two friends, which for a long time consisted of only two guitars and a drummer jamming. When bassguitar and vocals were added, the band started to shape up and in the end of 2005 the ... Read more >>

Thicksplat indefinable metal
Thicksplat started its existance in 2000. At first we played covers, but in 2001 we decided to start making our own pure metal music. Since then we have been developing our own style, which is a mix of new and old metal. ... Read more >>

Third Descent war black metal
Third Descent was formed in fall at 2003 as a reunion of former Moonlight Descends members. For that time the music had become more technical and agressive and new lyrics were more military and unromantical than MD times. ... Read more >>

Thou Shell of Death Atmospheric Black Metal
Born howling from snowstorms and utter cold, the young Estonian atmospheric black metal is about to raise its ugly head. Thou Shell of Death delivers none less than your final death by slow and menacing black metal riffing, ... Read more >>

Thy Lord Black Metal
In 1994 W.Gates and Aivar Tagasaar started a new band to create a mix of black and doom metal. W. Gates was more into black and Aivar more into doom metal, so this kept things balanced. Soon the first demo "Those Who Cross ... Read more >>

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