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Ugly Ogre Death/Thrash metal
Ugly Ogre has been marching on since August 8th 1995 in Tartu. During the first five years the line-up was stabile and the band played death/thrash metal with lyrics in Estonian. During the following five years the line-up ... Read more >>

Unholy Fables True Indie Sarcastic Black Metal
Unholy fables is live metal band, founder of musical genre "Sarcastic metal". It is a gathering of different types of characters, actors, who are not only playing music, but also making real, scandalous performance with a ... Read more >>

Urduk black metal
Ten years after Must Missa was born, the very same little unknown town is filled with somehow familiar noises. New wave of angry young men have created beast called Urduk that sounds alot like early Must Missa. Good old norsecore ... Read more >>

Urt Fierce Pagan Metal
Year 2004 Pimedus and Thonolan formed - URT - which means "soul of death" in Southern Estonian Setu language. In April Argoth joins for bassguitar and the band entered studio and recorded songs for 2 releases. First "Pimedusesõdalased" ... Read more >>

Uwe Boll deathgrind
Uwe Boll can be described as killer drums, very heavy guitar sound, deep low growls and grunts. We started in august 2007 as a 3 piece band with Aili, who played bass. Later we had some problems and we ended up as a two member ... Read more >>

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