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Abandoned Elysium Progressive/Technical/Death
Abandoned Elysium was founded in 2012 by friends Kevin Oper and Karl Mesipuu, both old bandmates from Lies Of A Dead Witness and other earlier projects. After some time of searching "the perfect artillery" and backbone, they ... Read more >>

Accolada progressive heavy-rock
Accolada was founded under another name in the end of 1998 in Tallinn by bassplayer Vadim Borisõts, drummer Vasja Naidenov (both from post punk band "Gadskii Papa"), guitarist Vitali Solovjov (from "Ferrum") and veteran guitar ... Read more >>

Aeon Aethereal Melodic Death/Thrash/Black
The band now known as Aeon Aethereal was formed by two brothers, the guitarist Ove-Kuth and singer Ott Kadak in February 2004. With Dan on drums, Silver on guitar and Andres on bass, the band went by the name BloodForge. ... Read more >>

Against the Day experimental, noise, metal
To succumb to the sweet promise of the collective hive brain’s summons, giving up all personal freedom in exchange for total communal security and the advancement of the glorious Species as opposed to that of the insignificant ... Read more >>

Aggressor Death Metal
Aggressor was founded back in 1989 when the first rehearsals started. In the beginning of 1990 they "released" their first rehearsal demo "Indestructible" - it had strong influences of Kreator. Their first official gig ... Read more >>

Aldevia Melodic doom metal
2003: MordylouS, Metsa-Ants and Hendric joined forces before the summer, to create a band playing heavy music. At first the idea was to play pure doom metal but eventually it came out as a rewarding mixture of doom and thrash ... Read more >>

Altheria Melodic Death/Thrash
Altheria, whose roots reach year 2006, is some kind of a thrash/death metal mix, which is inspired first of all by vodka, weeds and women, even tho their real musical inspirations becomes of various genres. Screaming vocals, ... Read more >>

Anal Caves Grindcore
We first started jamming with only the guitarrist and the drummer in the beginning of summer 2008. At first all we knew was that we wanted to do something that isn't been done before so we just jammed for several months, ... Read more >>

Analysis hard rock/heavy metal
Analysis is a band, that plays hard rock and heavy metal. The repertory includes mostly our own music, but there is also an important place for covers from giants like Black Sabbath, ACDC, Nirvana and some more. The ... Read more >>

Archmages alternative
We started making a band back in1998 under the name Refinery. Founding members were Volli Kalju (guitar) and Andri Laidre (guitar and bass). He’s now playing in a band named Sequence. Soon we found a permanent guitar player ... Read more >>

Ascent Thrash Metal

Assamalla melodic native black metal
Assamalla was born in the early summer of 1996, when Andre Pichen, Erki Hirv and Veigo Peetsalu, having displaced their previous non-metal groups, decided to try something different, mixing black metallish guitars with keyboards ... Read more >>

B.D.Ö. B-Core Heavy
Built on 23rd of october 1990 on Näituse rehersal rooms by Lemo, Inz, Petu & Dan. First time in public somewhere in the end of 1990/beginning of 1991 at Nõmme Rahvamaja on the event organized by Alex Alcoholic. Last time ... Read more >>

Baalsebub Medieval Brutal Slam Death Metal
Baalsebub was formed on the 3th of January 2013 by Markus Saar. Later on that winter, Tarvi Neemelaik came along to transform the ideas of Markus into quitar riffs to go along with the blasting and slamming drums. Couple ... Read more >>

Bestia pagan black metal
BESTIA is a pagan black metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Join our FB page at: Read more >>

BlackPaul Old School Metal with Modern Edge
Bio for Paul Lepik What sound would you get where you to consume the hearts of James Hetfield of Metallica , Chuck Billy of Testament and add a pinch of Phil Anselmo from Pantera with a touch of Jim Morrison for extra ... Read more >>

Bloodrain Heavy Metal
The band was formed in the year 2000. It took about three months to create a few songs and get the first demo recorded. The first gigs were at the Gutar Safari bar where Bloodrain won the first Safari Rock contest with only ... Read more >>

Brides in Bloom Rock
Brides in Bloom is a hard working rockband from Estonia. Their melodic music combines the sounds of modern & classic rock. This kind of symbiosis produces a unique sound & uniformity, that hasn’t been heard in these grounds. ... Read more >>

Brutal Methods experimental thrash metal
Founded in Sept. 2005, thrash metal band from Tallinn was previously a trio with singing guitarist Maxik, lead-guitarist Napalm and bassplayer Molotok, where drummer's role played a computer. Idea of creation of a band was ... Read more >>

Burn Still metal/hardcore
Hailing from Tallinn Estonia, the band started regular rehearsals in January of 2006, quickly establishing themselves in the Estonian metal/hardcore scene with their explosive live sets. Winning band contests and playing ... Read more >>

Byolence modern polyrhythmic thrash metal
Meet the polyrhythm pioneers of Estonia who re-define the meaning of metal! Byolence is a four piece metal outfit from Tallinn whose story began a couple of years ago when Nick and Oleg, two founding members, decided ... Read more >>

C.C.C. Satanic death metal as fuck!
Conspiratio Contra Christianum The band was started by Mantas and Lauri. A year later joined them Ben from Monument. After a year of rehearsing joined two more antichristians - Jaanus and Ank. The band was ready for liveshows ... Read more >>

Cantilena Thrash
Cantilena is 4 men with Thrash metal connecting them. Their journey started out in April of 2009, when the members of two Estonian old-school metal bands decided to start creating music truly closest to their souls. By now, ... Read more >>

Captain Flint grindcore
Ultra-fast South-Estonian (North-Livonian) grindcore/hardcore/punk band founded in 1990 in Põlva. The group disbanded in 1993. Line-up Roy Strider - vocals Janek "Jaan" Ojaste - guitar Talis "DJ Talisman" Paide - guitar Lehari ... Read more >>

Carnifex progressive death metal
Carnifex was formed in the April of 1993, when the current guitarist Kaspar joined a project of Kristian and Risto Sülluste, drummer Jaan and guitarist Silver. Since it was decided to take it a bit more seriously, Kristian took ... Read more >>

Catafalc Brutal Death Metal
It was the year 1999, when the Estonian metal scene was shaken by death-like guitar riffs, fast drums and sepulchral growling not proper for the time.. The decay of a former band and serial festival “Põrguwärk” (R.I.P.), ... Read more >>

Catalepsy noise/death/industrial
Catalepsy started in the year 2000 in Mõisaküla, where two friends decided to express themselves through music. A name – Dark Catalepsy – was chosen, but was soon shortened. Read more >>

Celestial Crown Atmospheric Blackened Gothic Doom Metal
Celestial Crown is an Estonian metal band that harmonically combines different styles ranging from caressing gothic melodies to aggressive black and death metal. Its origin dates back to 1999 when two course mates in physics ... Read more >>

Cenotaph Death Metal
Cenotaph was formed during the high tide of the death metal trend in Pärnu. Aike's previous band was called Lunatic, but since half of the members wrere recruited to the army, a new suitable crew was formed. After a year ... Read more >>

Ceremonial Perfection Melodic Death Metal
CEREMONIAL PERFECTION - is a melodic death metal band from Tallinn, formed in december of 2007. It's hard to find anybody, who would not be thrilled about the band's evolution. The guys' average age is 18, though in about ... Read more >>

Connatural Terror Death Metal
Terrifying and unpredictable, there are Powers beyond any control, logic and reason. By design, Connaturally, they are to roar around rambunctiously,it's their nature.Be it psyche(loose canons in the head), carnal , steel ... Read more >>

Connect[&]Cut Walking the nonexistant borders of metal and rock...
Coming soon...

Crashdaf Nu Metal
We are nu-metal band from Tartu and we started with our band in February 2004. Before Crashdaf we all have played years in different bands, we have vast experience in playing instruments and perfoming. We are inspired by ... Read more >>

Creature Thrash Metal
Creature... .. was formed as a school band in 1988 in Tallinn's Third Secondary School (now Lilleküla Gymnasium); .. performed mostly in clubs La Rocco and 326; .. had a chance to play at two Noorte Muusa festivals as ... Read more >>

Cryptica thrash metal
Coming Soon!

D.N.R. Blackdeath Metal
D.N.R. - the one and only active Black-Grind act from Tallinn was formed in 1996. Though the lineup has been quite unstable, the band has performed several live shows and in 2000, a 5-track demo "Die Ewigen Mauern" was recorded. Then ... Read more >>

Damage heavy metal
Damage was formed in 1991 when four young headbangers started to practice at their school. After a while the first demo tape was recorded and soon the band was interviewed and demo tracks played in Viimsi radio. The band ... Read more >>

Damage Inc. power/thrash metal
Formed after Grendel's disbanding (actually, lineup is same), cut one song in studio (Judas Priest cover "Grinder", in compilation "Worship Judas - Tribute to Judas Priest" ) and hit stage only once. When Madis (leading ... Read more >>

Daruma hardcore/thrash metal
Formed in 2003 by Grizzly and Manson. Daruma is a band which is bringing to you the sounds of insanity and unease, riots and rage, sex and violence. We're young and hungry for action. Right now we're in the studio, rehearsing ... Read more >>

Dawn Of Gehenna doom rock
Dawn Of Gehenna was founded on the ashes of Estonia's (probably) first doom metal band Mystique, active in the late 80s. By the year 1993 only the drummer Aiku had remained from the original line-up. Not willing to turn from ... Read more >>

Dead Straight progressive thrash metal
The progressive thrash metal band Dead Straight was born in Rakvere in late summer of 2005. Back then Meiko and Reino, who had been jamming in several underground groups were itching to start a more serious project. Having ... Read more >>

Decease Death Thrash grinding
Decease was formed back in 1992 by Rakvere musicians Kiva, Ahto, Kupi and Madox. Soon Karu joined the group and their one and only demo "Emotions" was recorded in 1994. In 1996 the band decided to change their name to Echosilence ... Read more >>

Deceased Dreams melodic death metal
Deceased Dreams is now SyrCity.

Deilegium Melodic Black Metal
DEILEGIUM was founded in the autumn of 1995 in Tallinn. In the beginning the band consisted of drummer Denis (POSTMORTEM, SUGAR FREE) and guitar players Andrey and Igor. For a long time the band lacked a singer and a bass ... Read more >>

Devotus Regnum melodic damned black metal
The band was founded in the year 2000. At the very beginning the band was called Fatal Silence. The idea of its creation belonged to Kryptos but he wasn’t a member of a band yet because around that time was playing guitar ... Read more >>

Discrucior Doom Death Metal
DISCRUCIOR is a metal band from Estonia. Their music is a mix of death, heavy and doom metal, with the wide variety of vocals- from clear singing to poignant blackmetal-screams and extremely low grunts. The history of ... Read more >>

Disgraced Modern Melodic Death Metal
Disgraced is a group from Jõhvi, which produces modern melodic death metal with a thick and heavy sound and is influenced by thrash metal and metalcore. Band has performed over a year for now and has gigged in various locations ... Read more >>

Diversia heavy metal
The first days of Diversia route back to 1995, when Darja Tanashenko, Lena Mihhejeva and Sergei Kutergin formed such a band. The very first gig was played on the 8th of March, 1996 in “Lindakivi” cultural centre. After the ... Read more >>

Drat metal
IN THE BEGINNING: In 1995 after a while of practising something one might call a sugary form of conventio-punk, 3 guys found their way into somewhat semi-serious stuff. In the beginning of 1996 there was a new addition to ... Read more >>

East Trading Wang Aggressive Punkmetal
East Trading Wang was formed in 1997 October. Since that ETW has been doing their music "quietly" in Estonian Trade museum. ETW has played mostly in small private underground partys, and in other weird places. And continues ... Read more >>

Echosilence Progressive metal with touches of jazz
THE BEGINNING Echosilence was formed in the beginning of the year 1996 on the ruins of the Estonian death-thrash metal group Decease. The main core brainpower behind the Decease’s music still remained together – Marek Kivi ... Read more >>

Ecthalion atmospheric gothic-doom metal
Bio by Andres. Ecthalion was founded in summer 1998, partly to protest against the abundance of similarly sounding black metal acts. I had met Lauri (guitars, vocals) in a radical black metal band 'Tarbatu', and soon the ... Read more >>

Embryoctomy thrash metal
Embryoctomy was formed by Sergei Velugin, the frontman of the band. They performed for a while, gathered some recognition and continued as Winter Night Overture. Read more >>

Emphasis progressive/power metal
Emphasis is a progressive metal act from Estonia formed in year 2010. At the very beginning it was only three members: Pavel (guitar), Katya (bass) and Vsevolod (keyboards). In November 2010, Sergei assumed the role of drummer ... Read more >>

Empyros Heavy/Speed/Thrash
EMPYROS was formed in 2002 in Estonia. The band was inspired by heavy music, that could combine melodic and speed elements, as well as some aggressive drive. One of the guitarists, Roman (RZZomb), was gravitated in a Speed-Power ... Read more >>

EvilDrive old-school thrash metal
EvilDrive got its start in 2007 when Märt and Tom decided to give a name to their jam sessions. In September, Daniel joined as the band’s drummer and Jaanis as the bassist. The four began rehearsing together, and in late ... Read more >>

Finish me off industrial metal
Started out with following the steps of Fear Factory, Finish Me Off has grown to its original style today. Deathy growls and beautiful lead vocals based on industrial metal is what describes FMO. Read more >>

Flytrap Heavy Metal

For Thee melodic metal
For Thee is an atmospheric heavy music band founded in sping 2008. Our influences are gothic and symphonic metal. Read more >>

Fordonia Power Metal
FORDONIA was formed in November, 1998 in little student town named Tartu, ESTONIA. Since then, the band was rehearsing and writing material and was been performing live at many famous underground clubs everywhere inside Estonia, ... Read more >>

Forfeit brutal death metal
Forfeit, a great brutal death metal band from Tallinn, was formed under the name Malediction back in 1993 by Taff, Gert and Kuus. Sometime in 1994 Jan joined the band on bass and they recorded their debut demo "Souls". Forfeit ... Read more >>

Forgotten Sunrise Deathbeat
“I do believe this is a violation against some universal laws of music,” hailed The Metal Observer, giving an album maximum points - “Psychedelic, trippy, schizophrenic, disturbing and utterly mesmerizing!” Setting Dead Can ... Read more >>

Form experimental black metal
In Fall 2007 the one-man project Form finally took shape. Reflecting the substance of the world itself, Form gained valuable aid by alliance with Koljat (drums). In the end of 2008 first live members Henrik (synth & keys) ... Read more >>

From Private Letters Metalcore with an Emo Touch
2002 In december it was all too cold. Erik, Mart, Arno and Kaur first met at Jack's spot to play a few covers. Played our first gig at some friends' birthday. 2003 Started being a band with an original name and original ... Read more >>

Gas Deathgrind
Formed By The Perverted Priest ... In 2004 as a studioproject. Same year released first demo "Dawn ov Genocide" as a split with other Estonian metal bands("The Four Fists of Armageddon" by Hexenreich Records). After the release ... Read more >>

Goresoerd Grind Death Grotesque
A project that started out in 2004 as two guys playing and experimenting with grindcore, Goresoerd has quickly evolved into the spearhead of intelligent, vicious and tongue-in-cheek extreme music in the Estonian scene. Goresoerd’s ... Read more >>

Grand Oak Heavy Doom
Grand Oak is a heavy doom metal band from Estonia. Band was founded in October 2006. Four guys from different part of Estonia met in Võru studying in the same school. They all found the same passion- calm and deep music. ... Read more >>

Grendel punk(ish) folk metal
Started as student band, early Grendel was weird and messy but VERY ambitious. After serious accident in '95 with Arne, band meets wildman Antfraxx as new vocalist. After that style changes, "new" Grendel plays power metal ... Read more >>

Grom satanic black metal
GROM is satanic black-metal band hailing from Tallinn. Formed in 1997 this collective has suffered several line-up changes during its dark existence, despite that the founding member Vaal Nehristj remains band's leading force ... Read more >>

Head Not Found black/death metal
Another nameless band was founded in 2005 when Kostyl', Burzum and Necrovlad decided to start a death metal project. Necrovlad already had ideas to hook up death metal form with traditionally more black metal topics like ... Read more >>

Helena Nova rock
In the summer of 2005 Jaanus and Hendric decided to form a rockband and in the beginning of 2006 it was finally complete. They called Mihkel to be the singer and found Aladar to be the drummer. Since then Helena has released ... Read more >>

Herald Speed/Heavy Metal
Active since 2000, Herald have brought the heavy metal spirit back to Estonian metal scene. Their catching live shows, adroit use of instruments and thought-provoking lyrics have equally successfully incited the interest ... Read more >>

Hiir Heavy/Thrash
Our motherland created us when the snow of 2006 was starting to melt. Bands name was aquired by a very unusual way: one of the drumstick's was gnawn after the previous rehersal, so presumably it was done by a mouse. There ... Read more >>

Hoop nu-metal
Hoop started up with the video “Estonian Bear” in January 2003. Following it's success, the band gave number of concerts for fans in hometown Tartu and all around Estonia. Unfortunately, it took another year before the band ... Read more >>

Hord death/black metal
Founded in 2003, recorded one song "Sabbath ov Diabolik Prokreation" for Hexereich Records compilation cd "Hauatagused Karjed vol. 1". Also avalable "Sabbath ov Diabolik Prokreation" videoclip. At the moment unactive. Read more >>

Horricane dark & massive death metal
Horricane was formed back in 2002 by the well-known musicians of the Eestonian metal-scene. The band plays massive and mid-paced death metal with the undertones of industrial. The first album “The Lynch-Lawyers” was released ... Read more >>

Hours Out Melodic metalcore
Hours Out is 4-member metalcore band from Sillamäe, Estonia which has been playing for a year now. Our music is described with magnificent guitar riffs and fast metalcore tempos which are mixed up with heavy screams and ... Read more >>

Hukkunud Hinged doom metal
Hukkunud Hinged (Perished Souls) was formed in May 2007 on the ashes of Tige Vile (Angry Whistle) which played thrash/punk metal. Two members - Martin and Madis held in their hearts burning urge for doom/slow and hard metal. ... Read more >>

Human Ground Thrash/Death Metal
Founding member, Tarvo Valm, recently returned to Estonia after a rock n' roll voyage that took him to Los Angeles California for 5 years. Upon his return he found that he had a stockpile of material he had been working on ... Read more >>

Ignorabimus deathlike doomy heavy metal
Ignorabimus were 4 cool guys who liked to play music, perform on stage and think about world domination. Their music is pretty colorful and chaotic. It can be called a gothic doom-metal with influences of blues, rock and ... Read more >>

Imp melodic pagan-thrash metal
Imp was founded in the end of 2001. ‘Cause of members’ youthful age and absence of certain target, the band stood in one place for some time: they were learning instruments and made couple of broadcastings. After 1,5 ... Read more >>

Inferno progressive - power - melodic metal
INFERNO BIOGRAPHY Inferno is a band, which brought to Estonia new style - melodic - progressive - power metal. The story of Inferno goes back to the year 1998, when schoolmates Daniil Salagajev (solo - guitar), Jurii ... Read more >>

Instigator of Grief Prog-heavy
Instigator of Grief, for friends and fans IOG, was founded in spring 1998. Main members were Magz, Muru and Chopper. First rehearsals took place at Magz' home under the bandname Kryos. No serious activities until Pets joined ... Read more >>

Into Salvation Deathcore something something
Into Salvation started as a jam session band but soon grew into a full-time band. Our music is fast, definitely technical and partly melodical too. We are influenced by several death metal, hardcore etc bands. In the future ... Read more >>

Intrepid death metal
Intrepid is a five-piece death metal band from Tallinn formed in 2016. A thrash metal band in it's roots, Intrepid quickly abandoned the genre once the members discovered the Florida death metal scene. The band has so far ... Read more >>

Intrepid death metal
Intrepid is a five-piece death metal band from Tallinn formed in 2016. A thrash metal band in it's roots, Intrepid quickly abandoned the genre once the members discovered the Florida death metal scene. The band has so far ... Read more >>

Irdhing pagan folk industrial black metal
Irdhing was founded in the autumn of 1999. Chartered members were Dr. Peerox (bass), Imp (guitar), Heiki (drums) and Rain (vocals). In the beginning the band didn't have a name. The genre was pagan metal. In January 2000 ... Read more >>

Issidorion Epic Thrash/Death
Estonian farmer, who called himself Deathless had a dream, from his childhood he wanted to have his own metal band. Deathless used old tractor and pine wood to make himself a guitar, he played it every night being alone. ... Read more >>

Jogane Munno black death punk grindcore industrial joganemunno metal
The idea of Jogane Munno was born in 1996 at midnight when Iho was spending a night with his friends in a toilet. The first three songs, which were acoustic mood music, were recorded between 1996. At that time the band had ... Read more >>

Kalm Raw pagan black metal
KALM began it's journey as a single man's (Alan) art-output which showed the rage and anger of heathen loneliness in it's roughest way. Alan managed to release 4 demos by himself, but for gigs He needed some assistance. ... Read more >>

Kamaloka Newage metal
Kamaloka is a 5 piece metal band from Estonia. The history starts from the moment Damarus, Martin and Art met up and decided to make music. After many attempts with different musicians the guys found a bass player Diptan ... Read more >>

Kantor Voy progressive darkpop
Progressive metal band Kantor Voy was formed in november 2003 from its 10 year old predecessor Carnifex. The reason for this kind of metamorphosis was to mark the change in bands music that had already gradually evolved ... Read more >>

Khillem precious metal
Khillem formed in April 2006! Precious metal!

Killemboth Death Grind
The idea of Killemboth was born in 1993 but serious activity started years later in 2000. After some rehearsals and songwriting first gigs took place in 2002. Killemboth was a fun-project of Forgotten Sunrise’s leaders plus ... Read more >>

Kyne A Lenx Healing & easy listening psychedelic grindcore
KYNE A LENX is a band of hungry & angry meat-loving mentally challenged sick bastards. Formed in November 2008. Read more >>

Leech alternative
Big Tasty 2000 a small larvae started it's life in a center of an orange. A regular orange, not anything too fancy or special, but boy was it tasty. The larvae grew and grew while eating it's way out of it's tasty, but a ... Read more >>

Leek was formed in 2003 when Lauri and Kaspar met in one other band rehersal. But both discovered that it was better to continue with another style. The name Leek was and still is a cigarette brand in Estonia and that's ... Read more >>

Loits Militant Flak`n`Roll
Loits, having started out with rather straightforward pagan black metal back in 1996 and still staying true to their roots, have managed to carve out a totally fresh and quite original heavy music genre of distinctly melancholic ... Read more >>

Loom Hard-rock
Imagine... a dark room. You’re sitting in a chair, bound and gagged. You think it’s a basement... or an attic. Suddenly a spotlight appears in the middle of the room and a vision of Lemmy from Motörhead and Lou ... Read more >>

Ludificatio Daemonium Black Metal
Ludificatio Daemonium is against religion(s) - There is no God and there never was... We are against the stupidity that is "Christianity". Monetarily raping the weak to become powerful organizations is the only objective ... Read more >>

Macbeth melodic death
* Formed in 1993 in Tartu, started out as a death metal band. * Released two albums in the end of 1993 and 1994 * Parted in 1995, softening their style with band Candles To Holy Sisters (1996-1998), later The Bleach (1998-1999) Read more >>

Maleva melodic/thrash metal
Maleva was founded in January 2006. In April 2006 the band recorded their first demo called "Laulud, mis raiutud kivisse". In August 2006 Trinity left from band. --- Check our Myspace. New song up! Debut album ... Read more >>

Manatark extreme metal
Beneath the layer of recognized leaders of the metal scene there has always been a world of it's own - the pillars and walls that support the mighty. Over the past years MANATARK, the premium black metal act from Tallinn, ... Read more >>

Marras hatecore
coming soon!!!!!

Mass In Comatose death metal
Mass in Comatose is a three-piece death metal act from Tallinn, Estonia that plays old-school death metal with a playfully experimetal edge. The birth of the band was in early 2007, when Sorts, having parted ways with ... Read more >>

Mater Tenebra heathen black/death metal
The roots of black metal band Mater Tenebra lie somewhere in the mist of year 1999 when Vlad "Nevermore" met Sigurd and Edd and they all together launched a project called Nomad to express their own ideas in extreme metal. ... Read more >>

Meatopathy Brutal Death Metal
The band was born in Winter 2003 when Dmitry, Aleksandr, Boris and Pavel left Vigilia Mortum (a brutal death metal band founded by Radik Karevin in mid-90s where the lads have been playing together since Summer 2002). Meatopathy ... Read more >>

Meinardus raw, straightforward black metal
Meinardus is a metal group from Estonia. Definition of our music is very simple - straightforward and crushing pure old school black metal! Meinardus was born in the end of 1998, founded by Enthorn (guitar) and Arombard (guitar). ... Read more >>

Metsatöll pagan-folk metal
On 24 February 1999, three men held a meeting at the borders of the Pääsküla bog, in the singer and guitar player Markus’s basement, one of whom could play a little bit of guitar, another who knew how to play a little bit ... Read more >>

MintTaara pagan black/thrash metal
MintTaara was founded in april 2006 by Martin (guitar), Priit (bass), Marko (vocals) and Robert (drums). Due to lack of skills the progress in the beginning was slow and our music sounded very punkish. Still we didn't give ... Read more >>

Misdeed Brutal Death Metal
Misdeed was a one-of-a-kind death metal act in Estonia.. The band started at december 1992. Klim as the founder of the band asked Creator to team up. After some rehearsing the crew didn't feel right to Klim and Creator was ... Read more >>

Misery ....and Justice for All
It was April 2, 1995, on some person's (inc) birthday when SILVER and TARVO pondered over the idea of forming a new band. Burning some midnight oil and some alcohol in their livers they elaborated all aspects of the concept ... Read more >>

Monument Death Metal
...

Moonlight Descends melodic black metal
Moonlight Descends was created in November at 1999 in cooperation of Raivo, Saku, Tan and Eku. Raivo and Tan played guitars, Saku synth and Eku vocals. There were some problems finding bassplayer and drummer. For some time ... Read more >>

Morbicae & Ürgõn Folk Metal
Morbicae & Ürgõn is an international folk-metal project that was founded in the summer of 2006. The music is created in a way that isn't very common - both band members record their parts in their own homes in Estonia and ... Read more >>

Morgue's Last Choice Doom/Dark/Industrial Metal
MLC was born in 2002 when Lunastaja experimented with the ugliest, slowest industrial-noise-ambient that face of the earth could stand. In 2004 JkPoig and Põrguisand joined. With their help MLC's first full-length album "Vulgaria ... Read more >>

Morigan melodic thrash metal
MORIGAN cynical™ (cynical thrash-metal) The band was re-formed in 2003 although it's true history dates back to 1998. With speed and fierce personality they crawl under your skin and enhance the musical experience ... Read more >>

MorningRise Doom Metal
It was December 1999 when two old school mates (Thoth and Venom) decided the time has come for them to form a band of their own and kicked off with their first rehearsal in a grandpa's garage. At about the same time they ... Read more >>

Mortifero death metal
" Far away from all, where „ normal “ things do not happen, there is a place called Selja. And somewhere over there, big ugly hairy men were seen, who in their sawmills sadistically tortured the strings of their instruments. ... Read more >>

Mortified Melodic Death Metal
Estonia's premiere melodic death metal act Mortified first rehearsed on September 18, 1992 and played live first on November 27, 1992 (How do I remember? Incidentally, these are correspondingly the death and birth dates of ... Read more >>

Mortophilia Brutal Death Metal
It was October of 2000 when four rebellious schoolmates Con, Rain, Orb and Orav from a small Estonian town called Otepää united their forces and created the beast titled Mortophilia. Thes guys didn't knew how to play but ... Read more >>

Must Missa black/thrash metal
1996 - someday around winter Kris and Viking got together to create a band. Living in really small town the effort was big enough for Berg to join shortly afterwards, in the beginning of the year 1997 – Berg Joined. ... Read more >>

Must Rannik viking/death metal
Must Rannik started rehearsals in 2007 after Triin and Indrek figured out that they want to do a band. They started to train thei're skills on bass and drums. Then joined Vello Piiskop and we made our first songs and our ... Read more >>

My Ritual Metalcore
My Ritual was found in year 2005 by Juli Lillepea, the guitar player and one of the founder of the Estonian new-metal band 140 MHz (1995-2000). At the beginning it was not clear how far will Juli's idea to get the band together ... Read more >>

Necro Strike Mulgi Death
Necro Strike is a death metal group from Viljandi, the band is also known as Nahuj Strike, but that name was changed in spring of 2004. The original line-up was No:PS (vocals, drums), Hux (guitar) and Otd (bass) in the ... Read more >>

Nekropol Doom-Death Metal
Nekropol was formed in May 1989 by Urmas Valge and Sigvard Rätte. The band started out as a heavy metal band, then evolved into a speed-thrash metal band. Over the next year, the band went through many different guitarists, ... Read more >>

Neoandertals Bass Death Metal
NEOANDERTALS is an avant-garde bass death metal band from Estonia. The band was founded in 2003 in the village of Arula, near Otepää with Rain Pohlak as the bassist/vocalist and Roland Seer as the drummer. In 2004 Toomas ... Read more >>

Nihilistikrypt death metal
Recovered, but not yet fully treated from Psykhosis, Nihilistikrypt has recruited its lines with some new psykhopaths and will now reveal a glimpse of the background of Psykhosis by partially uncovering the actual log of ... Read more >>

Nitrous drag race thrash metal
Thrash metal project Nitrous masterminded by drag racing champion Lauri Kuriks effectively combines fast, powerful and deafening machines as subject matter with fast, powerful and deafening music. Estonia's – and possibly ... Read more >>

No-Big-Silence Industrial metal
The band was first introduced to a wider audience in the summer of 1995 at the Rock Summer festival, Estonia, where they headlined the B-stage. The crowd gave the band a spectacular welcome and from then on NO-BIG-SILENCE ... Read more >>

NoT soft, melodic nu-metal
The band was formed in the march of 2003, when some schoolboys from Rapla Co-educational Gymnasium decided to form a new soft nu-metal band. The music is mainly influenced by new wave metal and modern rock: Deftones, Korn, ... Read more >>

Nyrok City tattoometal
This is not just a band, this is a generation! The band was founded in 1993 by Edy and Roll in Tartu. Read more >>

Obscured Atmospheric Death Metal
Obscured were founded in spring of 1992. Original line-up featured Magus on bass & vocals, Marek on drums and Marko Paas on guitar. After couple of months Marko invited his high-school classmates Meelis and Indrek who had ... Read more >>

off.season alternative
off.season is not just a band, it's like a bridge between our everyday's life and our dreams. off.season helps us to realize our creative and maybe crazy ideas. We are always looking for something new, something interesting. ... Read more >>

Ohvrikivi pagan black metal
Ohvrikivi was born during the summer months of 1998 with the sole purpose of recording ideas to be incorporated into Must Missa songs. Must Missa was Bergs main musical entity at the time. In autumn 2000, Berg recorded a ... Read more >>

Omas Kojas hard & heavy from the 80s
In 1986 the band came together in Kärdla, island of Hiiumaa, as an experiment for the so-called "tariffing" (a mandatory inspection for dance music bands). They left the jurors baffled: what the hell – this wasn't "dance ... Read more >>

Paean Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Paean is an extreme progressive metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Their music can be described as an intense journey through diverse soundscapes, deriving inspiration from death/doom/black metal and ethereal acoustic interludes ... Read more >>

...

Palat hard joke

Pedigree industrial metal
PEDIGREE "..passion,aggression and pure sonic torment through the spectre of dark emotions and art..." Pedigree > recognized as pioneers of industrialized music in Baltic States,their self-expression is a molotov coctail ... Read more >>

Pirit Darkthronesque
Pirit was founded in 1995 by Mantas, one lazy bastard. In fact, it wasn`t much more than just a trilogy of epic songs, written as a result of some nice read, confusion and boredom. After playng and re-arranging these songs ... Read more >>

Plastic Whore industrial something
Plastic Whore is one big egotrippism. The journey started in May 2002. Only one member, Chopper, doing it all - guitar, programming, vocals. First album, "Wet Planet", out in 2004. Whore is now resting. There's gonna be ... Read more >>

Pluribus Impar pluribus metal
Founded in 1998 by Riina, Pyhak and Slay. In the beginning the band was called Sacrilegium, but after a couple of months it was renamed to Pluribus Impar. Band played 6 lives with different lineup every time, before disappearing ... Read more >>

Postmortem Progressive Death Metal
The prehistory of the band is the year 1990, when Sergey Shelepov and Mark Khekht, the students at Tallinn Technical School, have met together. Inspired by the common idea of organising a thrash-band they decided to start ... Read more >>

Predatory War Thrash Metal
The band started in 1987 as Kadunud Aas (named after a classmate who disappeared under mysterious circumstances), playing punk. Members of the trio also participated in bands Paskar Kolgats, Iron Hedgehog and numerous other ... Read more >>

Project Massacre urban metal
it all began in 2004. anton and ints were looking for a drummer and a guitar player to form a new band. after some searching, kaido and priit agreed to join the forces. as did aimar and the project was all set up. rehearsing ... Read more >>

Püha Kõblas Holy Metal
Püha Kõblas (Holy Mattock) was founded in 2005 by Holy Joseph´s Spirit Worshipersparish members to make Holy Joseph´s wisdom and power recievable to wider crowds. Creation speaks about faith and religion, cautions for religious ... Read more >>

Rattler North Shaman Metal
The eldest and the most extreme death metal act in Estonia. The leader and former of the band Ruslan,mostly inspired by DEICIDE”. Rattler’s line-up was quite fragile and it fell apart after every recording and gathered again ... Read more >>

Raud-Ants Pagan Folk Metal
Raud-Ants was formed in 2002 as a folk heavy metal band. They play authentic old folk songs using heavy metal style. Read more >>

Realm of Carnivora black metal
Realm of Carnivora was formed in autumn 1998. Debut in August 1999 ,,Vikati vari te palgel, saabub aeg ja teras langeb...vengeance shall come,, (English translation: ,,Like the Shadow of a scythe on your face, time arrives ... Read more >>

Recycle Bin metalcore
If it was 1987 - the golden age of glam rock - these five young guys from Tallinn, Estonia, would have greasy mullets, lyrics about "how-Johnny-drank-a-lot-of-whiskey-and-fell-in-love-with-Sandy" would drive young girls (with ... Read more >>

Redoqueene electronical softcore metal
Redoqueene is an electronical metal band with influences from 80s synthmusic, 90s industrial and modern metal. The whole music is softened by a female-vocal and atmospherical synthmelodies. Redoqueene got it's seed three ... Read more >>

Reincremation brutal death metal
-

Rhapsody Funk Metal
Well... 1990 we started... - almost won competition called Rock IN. Actual palce was forth and we we are the greatest :) - had nice and fun year 1991 we continued - had very nice concert in Pärnu, ... Read more >>

Rotting Cock Ultra Brutal Death Metal
Rotting Cock was founded on the dark year of 1998 while two friends Lord Butcher and Corpsesplitter wanted to express their dark and brutal feelings in music. Soon they felt that using solely drums and bass won't give the ... Read more >>

Rude hardcore vs nu-metal
In 1998 FireFly (Bass), LEM (Lead Guitar/Vocal) and Paavo Arbeiter (Drums) played together in Torva Gymnasium band rehersal room somekind of punk music. ˇ The band was called "Misantroop" at the time. It didn't work ... Read more >>

Ruht pop-industrial
RUHT was first formed as a single-person project of Chopper, who previously was the sole member of PlasticWhore, but wanted to take the music to a different direction, hence the new name and a whole new style and identity. ... Read more >>

Scavenger black - death - thrash
The band started in 1999 as SCAVENGER – a monicker under which they managed to release two demos ("THE ENTRANCE" and "GOATTREND") and snatch a small-scale deal with FATAL FORUM PRODUCTION that released both as a tape album ... Read more >>

Sex Machine Industrial
Sex Machine was created by the members, who have been active in music business for years to provide the audience a unique, ravishing industrial music. SM consists of five exceptional members who together form wholly new course ... Read more >>

Shabash alternative/modern/gothic metal
The band was formed in February, 2001. In the very beginning the band consisted of two - Katrin and Natassja. In March Jane joined the band, she had come to play keyboard, nobody thought that she would sing someday. We were ... Read more >>

Shower speed - thrash
Shower were the kings of Estonian thrash metal. The power trio's debut demo "Brain Piracy" has undoubtedly been a big influence for a generation of Estonian metalheads. Read more >>

Sick Dog melodic death/thrash metal with some gothic lines
SICK DOG Einar and Andrei have been the backbones of Sick Dog since 2001. Over the time skills have been gained, style and people are changed through the years. Fusion with synth in 2006 gave new breathing. Notion of ... Read more >>

Sickbag real hatecore
Sickbag was founded by ex-members of Hamoh - Ants and Ago. Right now Sickbag is working on their first release "Greatest S(h)it". Read more >>

Skydancer Gloomy Doomy Gothic Metal

Smashed Nail Sister Neo-gothic metal
SMASHED NAIL SISTER Band from Eastern Europe - ESTONIA - SMASHED NAIL SISTER is a new challenging project (started from july of 2006). The artists succeed in a brand new sound by combination of electronic music enriched ... Read more >>

Sõjaruun Pagan Black Metal
Founded in 2007, performing old melodic pagan/black metal in the vein of Helrunar, Nagelfar, old Ulver and old Satyricon. In summer 2008 a selftitled MCD was recorded. Release date is 3 December 2008 via Black Devastation ... Read more >>

Solwaig New Metal
Solwaig has existed on Estonian music scape since January 2002. Being comparatively young band, you can`t say the same thing about the band members – all the musicians have been engaged (and some are still) in other famous ... Read more >>

Sons of Belial Symphonic Black/Death - Metal/Hardcore
The Sons Of Belial Are An All Original Metal Band Hailing From The Cleveland-Akron Area Of Ohio. They Formed In The Fall Of 2002 When Guitarist Jarrod Mayer (Obstacle Corpse, All That Falls) And Drummer Ryan (Obstacle Corpse, ... Read more >>

Soontagana black metal
----1998---- Küüvits Antso decided to form band, something in the vein of Burzum and Kalm. Even band name was already chosen – Soontagana. Only there was a total lack of instruments and musicians. Nevertheless, some tunes ... Read more >>

Sorts black metal
Sorts was kicked off more as a project than a fullblooded band in 1998 by Gates, a member of the first Estonian black metal act - The Grey Calamity. Later, Gates became known as, now already a former, guitar player of Loits ... Read more >>

Soulout Drunk lyrical metal
Soulout has started back in 1997 after punk-metal band Fit broke up. As the years went by the attitude and line-up has changed several times. Now it is all about having fun for ourselves and giving the same to the audience. ... Read more >>

Spellbinder thrash-death metal/neothrash
See ya all soon !

SpitBlood's debut album "Questionable Ethics" is avaliable at the Nailboard Netstore and LASERING recordstores!!! Booking: spitbloodband (at) "Questionable Ethics" was released in June 2006. Contents ... Read more >>

Splitmind cyber metal
Splitmind was formed in 2004 by two founding members : Sebas (guitars), Stas (voice). When the material has been settled, the search of bass player began. Soon bass player Alina took place in the band. Summer 2005 band’s ... Read more >>

Steel Scream Heavy/Thrash/Groove metal
WELCOME ON BOARD! We are Steel Scream and we play the purest old school heavy metal, music from times when both, men and music, were made of steel. The beginning Steel Scream was formed in late 2006 but all of us have ... Read more >>

Stem modernmetal
More than a year ago, Stem made the decision to give no more performances and start again from square one. The reasons for this were discontent with our material, absence of neccessary gear and a lack of vision for the future. ... Read more >>

Still Haunts Me metalcore
Still Haunts Me is a year 2007 five piece rollout metal act from the small country of Estonia. After their first EP "Remains of Decay" , numerous gigs and tons of sweat, Still Haunts Me has replaced the old-fashioned metalcore ... Read more >>

Suckbrain melodic alternative metal
Suckbrain was founded by core members of legendary heavy-punk-metal band Heavy Angels (Viljandi) after HA split in spring 1994. Suckbrain played melodic alternative metal influenced by Therapy?, Faith No More, Iron Maiden ... Read more >>

Sugarfree EMO, Alternative Metal
The band was formed in 1995 (official date is March, 8). Sugarfree have released 3 full lenght album on MC, 1 live album, 2 Demo MC's, 2 CD's, Upcoming (full-lenght) album will out in Spring 2006, it will contains DVD+CD ... Read more >>

Suppuration Death Metal
Mentioned to be as a fun-project of local band members. Featuring Tharaphita and Echosilence members. Released a 4-track demo "The First Victim of Mine" 2000. Read more >>

Surrogoat old-school death metal
Surrogoat was founded in the beginning of 1999, and rehearsals started very soon in a new place called Kruusaauk. And club Khattra was founded, too, that began to maintain the place. Founding members were Rauno Veeroja (from ... Read more >>

Sven Varkel heavy metal
Sven Varkel solo project.

Symbolic State death metal
SYMBOLIC STATE is a true ear-candy for all old school Death Metal maniacs, yet no-one can call what they do a pointless cloning or a hackneyed rehash. Guitar riffs vary from Dismember-like harsh melodies to brutal pounding ... Read more >>

SyrCitY djent
*** What is Syrcity? Syrcity is a five piece modern metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Its style can best be described as " eclectic mixture of odd rhythms, grooves, vocal harmonies and straightforward solid riffage". Trying ... Read more >>

Taak ugri-doom
Taak (meaning "a heavy burden") was establisehd in November of 2005 as a parallel band of Dawn Of Gehenna. Taak has the same line-up as Dawn Of Gehenna and plays the same music, only the lyrics are in Estonian. As a direct ... Read more >>

Tanka Grunge
Really cool band founded in 2000 and died in 2002. Band won the "VIRU brewery" commercial game. Group did tour across Baltics with TIVOLI TUUR in 2001 and had a great success. But... finally, band became deorganized. Very ... Read more >>

Tarbatu old-style black-metal
Tarbatu was founded in the gloomy autumn of 1996 by Ghost (lead guitar) and Skugge (drums), in 1997 Satanizer (guitar, vocals) joined and in 1998 Elf (bass) joined. At the beginning Tarbatu made some pagan-metal, but slowly ... Read more >>

Tarm Raw Pagan Black Metal
In 1998 Küüvits Sünge decided to form band, something in the vein of Burzum and Kalm. Even band name was already chosen – Soontagana. 2000 Küüvits met Kristjan, who was inspired by folk metal, so instead of playing black ... Read more >>

Terroristic Professy Death Metal

Tharaphita Epic Pagan Black Metal
Tharaphita – True Estonian pagan metal! Created as a solo project of the vocalist-guitarist Ank, Tharaphita soon became one of the most unique Estonian pagan metal bands. The idea of Tharaphita was actually born in 1993 ... Read more >>

The Grey Calamity black metal
The band started in 1992 with the name of Spawngrip, playing mainly death metal. After the recording of a three-track demo (that has never been published) the band changed the name into The Grey Calamity. Besides the name, ... Read more >>

The Storm Gothic Heavy Power
The Storm is a hard working metal band from Estonia, Jõhvi. Their music combines power and heavy metal with a bit of gothic and even pop. This kind of mix produces a unique rich and powerful sound which is melodic and tough ... Read more >>

These Broken Remains Intensive metal with bursts of melody and a fistful of hardcore.
These Broken Remains is a band formed by two friends, which for a long time consisted of only two guitars and a drummer jamming. When bassguitar and vocals were added, the band started to shape up and in the end of 2005 the ... Read more >>

Thicksplat indefinable metal
Thicksplat started its existance in 2000. At first we played covers, but in 2001 we decided to start making our own pure metal music. Since then we have been developing our own style, which is a mix of new and old metal. ... Read more >>

Third Descent war black metal
Third Descent was formed in fall at 2003 as a reunion of former Moonlight Descends members. For that time the music had become more technical and agressive and new lyrics were more military and unromantical than MD times. ... Read more >>

Thou Shell of Death Atmospheric Black Metal
Born howling from snowstorms and utter cold, the young Estonian atmospheric black metal is about to raise its ugly head. Thou Shell of Death delivers none less than your final death by slow and menacing black metal riffing, ... Read more >>

Thy Lord Black Metal
In 1994 W.Gates and Aivar Tagasaar started a new band to create a mix of black and doom metal. W. Gates was more into black and Aivar more into doom metal, so this kept things balanced. Soon the first demo "Those Who Cross ... Read more >>

Ugly Ogre Death/Thrash metal
Ugly Ogre has been marching on since August 8th 1995 in Tartu. During the first five years the line-up was stabile and the band played death/thrash metal with lyrics in Estonian. During the following five years the line-up ... Read more >>

Unholy Fables True Indie Sarcastic Black Metal
Unholy fables is live metal band, founder of musical genre "Sarcastic metal". It is a gathering of different types of characters, actors, who are not only playing music, but also making real, scandalous performance with a ... Read more >>

Urduk black metal
Ten years after Must Missa was born, the very same little unknown town is filled with somehow familiar noises. New wave of angry young men have created beast called Urduk that sounds alot like early Must Missa. Good old norsecore ... Read more >>

Urt Fierce Pagan Metal
Year 2004 Pimedus and Thonolan formed - URT - which means "soul of death" in Southern Estonian Setu language. In April Argoth joins for bassguitar and the band entered studio and recorded songs for 2 releases. First "Pimedusesõdalased" ... Read more >>

Uwe Boll deathgrind
Uwe Boll can be described as killer drums, very heavy guitar sound, deep low growls and grunts. We started in august 2007 as a 3 piece band with Aili, who played bass. Later we had some problems and we ended up as a two member ... Read more >>

Vaikus Doom Ambient
Vaikus was kind of a one-man project that never made it to the stage... Alan was still into dark and doomish metal after leaving his first band Whispering Forest and Vaikus was just the project that expressed his true desires ... Read more >>

Vanad Varjud dark ambient/drone/funeral/depressive/black metal
Vanad Varjud is musical project dwelling between different darker musical styles that best helps to create atmospheres and ideas we are fascinated by. At the moment there are two members in this project: me - Sorts Apostata ... Read more >>

Vari extreme metal
Vari (meaning shadow in Estonian) was formed in 2004 by Dagaith and Masq, but the actual history of the group begins with the year before, when we started playing guitar together. Later that year we rented a room for rehearsals ... Read more >>

Vigilia Mortum death metal
We started in 1994. By the end of 1995 we were assured of it`s about time for us to have recorded our promostuff. There were three songs recorded in Tallinn. "INQUISITION" it was the name of the demo. That time we were heavily ... Read more >>

Vondvort black metal
Vondvort was born in october of 1999, founded by Pagansorts to perform the total hate and disgust against the human kind. It started as one-man solo project. In the year 2000, Skelking joined with the band and became one ... Read more >>

Whaw!Zaiks Industrial metal
1990 location Pärnu near 11 000 year old no name village 1991 Tauk dropped out out from local theatre 1992 Nothing to do 1993 Bloody birth of Whaw!Zaiks 1993 Trouble called "jälkrõvedus" 1994 Time to think ... Read more >>

Whispering Forest Dark atmospheric doom metal
New bio coming soon...

Winter Night Overture black metal
Winter Night Overtue was created in abysmal Winter of 1994 in Tallinn, Estonia by guitar-player Sergei Velugin ( ex-Embryoctomy) and Stas Antideus ( vocal ). With the assistance of ex-Embryoctomy drummer Alex, first demo ... Read more >>

Witche`s Brew Oldschool-based Hard/Heavy
Witche`s Brew is a Hard-rock/Heavy act from Tallinn, Estonia. It´s members are five youngsters joined in one by a unifying force and will of doing something that has to be done. In that case - bringing Heavy back where it ... Read more >>

Worse Than Failure Metal
Founded by Argoth as a single man death/black metal project in 2013. Erki joined 2015 to record debute album. So far there is one full lenght and an EP released. Read more >>

Wrath Is Evergreen Experimental Doom/Black
Wrath Is Evergreen is Experimental Doom/Black metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Music is quite monotonous, depressive, dismal and dreary. Wrath Is Evergreen was started in the spring of 2006. First songs were written in ... Read more >>

X-Panda progressive
X-Panda is a progressive metal and fusion band from Estonia. The band is known for their concerts full of emotion and power - pure pleasure for people who like to dream, imagine and feel. The music of X-Panda will move both ... Read more >>

ÜrgSiuG esoteric black metal
Perfection is an illusion. From Chaos emerged the all-devouring Serpent of Ur-Kosmos. Suddenly all made sense for a moment. Read more >>

Zeromantic Hard Rock'n'blues
Zeromantic is a hard rock quartet with strong blues influences 11.02.2012 'Kiili Rahvamaja' Kiili 06.11.2010 'Madallend MC' Tallinn 30.10.2010 'Simisalu loodusmaja' Järvamaa 24.04.2010 'Puhas Kuld' Viljandi 23.04.2010 ... Read more >>

Zorg Industrial metal
The beginning of Zorg dates back to December 1999 when first demo songs were uploaded to couple of internet sites. In 2001, the debut album “Artificial” was released and band had their first live performance in Von Krahl ... Read more >>

[o3] alternative
later...

ÄSS experimental-progressive rock/metal
ÄSS (ACE) is plaing with rythms and our style is instrumental-progressive rock/metal. Non-popular and not for young people. Simple dance music. Good feeling is very importand for us and if someone else feels same, it's only ... Read more >>

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