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Estonian farmer, who called himself Deathless had a dream, from his childhood he wanted to have his own metal band. Deathless used old tractor and pine wood to make himself a guitar, he played it every night being alone. Once, in winter of 2003 Deathless was hunting rabbits in the deep forests of mid-estonia. Accidentally Deathless found a wild boy, who lived with wolfs, he brought the poor boy home and loved him like a son The boy was named Rein. Rein was very talented in music, he learned to play guitar before the first human word came out from his mouth. Guitar solos of Rein were wild like a troop of wolfs. The first human word that Rein spoke, was Taphos. Taphos was name of the priest of the local church. Once Taphos was a singer in the monastery. Everybody adored the taphos's deep voice. When he was singing his pray the the god, walls of monetary were shaking and children were crying. But Taphos lost his faith by the time he met Deathless and Rein, and he decided to join their small community. They lived happily hunting in forests and earning small money, playing music in the country pubs. Later Valentin joined them as a bass player. Valentin was a vagrant, living in the lift shaft and eating rats. Once he was a lift operator and he made his first bass guitar out of lift hawsers. And finally a German proletarian joined the band as a drummer. Mostly working with coal hammer, he could play literally furious blast beats, and thats why he was called Das Tuktuk. At that moment they all five became a band named Issidorion.
Band name: Issidorion
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Epic Thrash/Death
Founded: 2003
Taphos - Vocal
Deathless - Rhythm guitar
Darkside - Solo guitar
Val - Bass guitar
Das Tuktuk - Drums
Previous members:
Other downloads:
  • Issidorion - Odourless
  • Issidorion - Godforsaken
  • Issidorion - Mirrors
  • Issidorion - Rebel
  • Website:
    E-mail: taphos1 (at)
    Last change: 04-01-2006 added band info

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