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My Ritual
My Ritual was found in year 2005 by Juli Lillepea, the guitar player and one of the founder of the Estonian new-metal band 140 MHz (1995-2000).
At the beginning it was not clear how far will Juli's idea to get the band together go. But during the first rehearsals guys were surprised how easy it was to work together, make decisions. There were no discords, it was clear what to do, everyone was concentrated in his tasks. There was no doubt it was good idea to get together.

The first and, at the moment, the only live performance My Ritual gave was in July 2005 at the ARF 2005 (Aegviidu Rock Festival). The offer from one of the fest organisers was received late, but guys decided to accept it. Within just 7 rehearsals a program consisting of 6 songs was ready and successfully presented to public at ARF.
Next step was a demo record. In November 2005, Riga, Latvia, the demo consisting of 7 original songs was recorded.

A few words about the music of My Ritual. The style is a mixture of alternative metal and hardcore, contents is kind of black humour mixed up with nihilism. You will find a combinations of really simple riffs and "unacceptable" riffs, a nice melody and hardcore, "illogical" and original musical solutions in My Ritual songs.

At the moment My Ritual is working on the homepage. Also a new material is created which, hopefully, will be presented to public in summer 2006.
Band name: My Ritual
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: Metalcore
Founded: 2005
Juli Lillepea - Leader, author of music, lead guitars
Denis Shelepov - Vocals, author of lyrics Postmortem, Deilegium, Sugarfree, Tanka, Smashed Nail Sister
Alex Ducho - Guitars
Sergei Shelepov - Bass Postmortem, Rattler
Vladimir Levijev - Drums Sugarfree
Mihhail Yasinover - back vocals Sugarfree, Smashed Nail Sister
Previous members:
Demo 2006

1. Intro | mp3
2. Tears of all | mp3
3. Die like a pig
4. Non-stop reality
5. Let's start this fight | mp3
6. War
7. Cold

E-mail: ducho(at)
Other contacts:
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