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Roots of Bestia lie somewhere in the end of 90-ties, when Andres, who was already member of two metal bands, decided to form his own death/black metal side project with serious attitude and ambitious plans. The beginning was hard, but few rehearsals took place with different people, unfortunately there wasn't that "right" feeling about it.


All changed when Andres got message from young drummer, also called Andres. First rehearsals with him happened in February 2000 and this can be considered as founding time for Bestia. Soon other bandmembers were recruited (Tarmo - vocals, Reivo - bass) and in the autumn band was invited to play its first real gig.

After some lineup changes sees light Bestia's first official "Demo 2001". Despite to raw sound it gets surprisingly warm welcome from local scene and even from foreign underground zines and labels.

Lineup changes continue and bands ideological side gets more influenced by pagan/heathen themes. In 2004 was released debut album "Hallutsinatsioon", what was made available for wider audience by Perverted Taste Records (GER) in 2005. After this event Bestia performs it's first foreign gigs (in Lithuania and Finland).

Due to a different reasons Bestia parted ways with former singer in 2006, also drummer and second guitarist leave band in the beginning of 2007. Despite this fact, Andres continues songwriting for a new album. Beginning of silent period - Bestia disappears from public view for some time.


New era in Bestia began, when Kaval Ants (guitar) joined crew in autumn of 2007. At that time new songs were ready for next album and in last days of year drum tracks were recorded with kind help of Thon (Urt, Realm of Carnivora, Sõjaruun etc.).

Between the recording sessions was performed one gig with smallest lineup ever (Andres, Reivo, Kaval Ants).

V.Arckharum (vocals) and Rain (drums) join Bestia in autumn of 2008. Fresh blood gave real boost to bands activity, pretty soon followed live performances, this time with full lineup.

Bestia's music in nowadays is raw but epic pagan black metal with some elements of folk, thrash and death metal. Aggressive and melancholic parts are mixed together with tempo varying from slow to chainsaw-speed blasts. Lyrics can be described as dark poetry, inspired by ancient times, folklore, mythology and nordic nature. All songs are written and performed in Estonian language.

Bestia is an active live band with aggressive show, they have played together with most of Estonian metal bands (too many to mention) and several foreign acts (Shining, Primordial, Nargaroth, Nokturnal Mortum, Arkona (Rus), Deströyer 666, Enochian Crescent, Skyforger, Archgoat etc.).

Bestia's second album was finished in the beginning of 2009 and it is released in different forms on four labels (Hexenreich, Evil Distibution, Roots Active Productions, Depressive Illusions Records).

2010 is anniversary year for Bestia, band records two gigs at club Tapper for DVD "Kümme surmatalve" (Ten Deadly Winters). DVD contains two parts: first part includes mentioned gigs at Tapper and in second part are selected videomaterials from earlier gigs.

Last update: May 2011
Band name: Bestia
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: pagan black metal
Founded: 2000
Andres - guitar
Reivo - bass
Kaval Ants - guitar Grom
V. Arckharum - vocal
Sander - drums
Previous members:
Rain - drums (2008-2012)
Timukas - drums (2005-2007)
Thon - drums (session) (2007)
Pavel - guitar, vocal (2005-2007)
Raido - guitar (session) (2006)
Tarmo - vocal (2000-2006)
Art - guitar, synth (2002-2005)
Lauri - drums (session) (2005)
Vlad - bass, vocal, guitar (session) (2001-2005)
Rainer - drums (2002-2004)
Koll - vocal (2001-2003)
Beleth - guitar (2002-2003)
Kurimees - drums (2000-2002)
Tengo - guitar (2001-2002)
Kümme surmatalve 2010

1. Part I: Õiglaste tulek (2009)
2. Ronkade parved (2009) | mp3
3. Silmis härmatis (2009)
4. F.S. (2010)
5. Libahunt (2010)
6. Kristallselges öös (2010)
7. Mälestus kustutab leegi (2010)
8. Taeva tõurastaja (2010)
9. Part II: Suremise teine tee (2003)
10. Toonela varjud (2004)
11. Verine koidik (2009)
12. F.S. rehearsal (2007)
13. Mootorsae hääl (2006)
14. Tasumise päev (2009)
15. Päev et mõista (2004)
16. Sosistav mets (2001)
17. Läbi halli udu (2002)
18. Kolmas haud vasakult (2006)
19. Backstage scene + Ronkade parved (2008)
20. Viirastus tõusvas tules (2003)
21. Kord vabana tuleme tagasi (2004)
22. Viimne lahing (2009)

split promo 2010 2010

1. Ronkade parved | mp3
2. Mälestus kustutab leegi | mp3
3. Silmis härmatis
4. Õiglaste tulek
5. Kristallselges öös (live 2010)

Kord vabana tuleme tagasi 2010

1. Hallutsinatsioon / Hallucination | mp3
2. Viirastus tõusvas tules / Phantom in the Rising Fire
3. Libahunt / The Werewolf
4. Sosin / The Whisper
5. Kord vabana tuleme tagasi / Once We'll Return Unbound
6. Toonela varjud / Shadows at Toonela | mp3
7. Kolmas haud vasakult / Third Grave from the Left
8. Ruunide Leidmine / Finding the Runes
9. Arg sõdalane / The Cowardly Warrior | mp3
10. Õiglaste tulek / Coming of the Righteous
11. Viimne lahing / The Last Battle
12. Rehearsal track 2007
13. Rehearsal track 2007

Suremise teine tee (split with Uruk-Hai) 2010

1. Uruk-Hai: Smaug's Destiny
2. Uruk-Hai: Rivendell (unreleased track 2000)
3. Uruk-Hai: The Fate of Men (first take without vocals)
4. Bestia: Suremise teine tee
5. Bestia: Libahunt
6. Bestia: Viirastus tõusvas tules
7. Bestia: Õiglaste tulek
8. Bestia: Ronkade parved
9. Bestia: Silmis härmatis

Õiglaste tulek (split with Uruk-Hai) 2010

1. Uruk-Hai: Where No Light Dwells
2. Uruk-Hai: Tales From The Misty Mountains (Edited Video Version)
3. Uruk-Hai: Hidden Path (Different Version)
4. Uruk-Hai: Shadow Of The Orcs (Remastered Version)
5. Bestia: Arg sõdalane
6. Bestia: Õiglaste tulek
7. Bestia: Mootorsae hääl

Ronkade parved 2009

1. Ronkade parved | mp3
2. F.S. | mp3
3. Mälestus kustutab leegi | mp3
4. Verine koidik
5. Silmis härmatis
6. Taeva tõurastaja
7. Arg sõdalane
8. Tasumise päev
9. Õiglaste tulek
10. Viimne lahing

Tagasi Tumedaima saarele (split with URT) 2007

1. URT: Läbi halli udu (Bestia cover)
2. URT: Surmasõdalaste reekviem
3. BESTIA: Õud ja kaosetormid (Urt cover) | mp3
4. BESTIA: Viimne lahing

Õiglaste tulek 2006

1. Arg sõdalane | mp3
2. Õiglaste tulek | mp3
3. Mootorsae hääl *

Hallutsinatsioon 2004

1. Hallutsinatsioon | mp3
2. Viirastus tõusvas tules | mp3
3. Libahunt | mp3
4. Sosin
5. Kord vabana tuleme tagasi
6. Toonela varjud
7. Kolmas haud vasakult
8. Päev et mõista
9. Ruunide leidmine
10. Suremise teine tee
11. Asynchronous laughter

Suremise Teine Tee 2003

1. Suremise teine tee
2. Libahunt
3. Viirastus tõusvas tules

Promo 2002 2002

1. Need, kes toitsid kotkaid | mp3

Demo 2001 2001

1. Intro
2. Viirastus tõusvas tules
3. Igaveseks koos
4. Läbi halli udu | mp3
5. Igaviku laps | mp3
6. Esoteric madness (bonus)

Tracks on compilations:
The Underworld... and Hell is Here 2012

1. Ronkade parved

Necromance Magazine Extreme DVD Zone - Volumen 2 2011

1. Silmis härmatis | mp3

Endless Sound Records Compilation volume 1 2011

1. F.S.

Lumi 2010

1. Ronkade parved

Demonic Attack to holy Lands - Compilation vol. 1 2007

1. Viimne lahing

Kilkim ˇaibu 2007

1. Arg sõdalane

Unchained magazine #1 compilation 2006

1. Libahunt

Hauatagused karjed vol. 2 2005

1. Suremise teine tee

Extreme Music 17 CD 2005

1. Hallutsinatsioon

Hauatagused Karjed vol.1 - Estonian Extreme Underground Metal Compilation 2004

1. Libahunt
2. Hallutsinatsioon

Estonian Metal Compilation 2004 - The Beast Released 2004

1. Hallutsinatsioon

Atlantida vol. 12 2002

1. Viirastus tõusvas tules

Gaia, The Lost Soul of Underground 2002

1. Igaveseks koos

  • Ronkade parved
  • Tüdinud tühjusest (2015)
  • Silmis härmatis
  • Mälestus kustutab leegi
  • Talveöö
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