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Mater Tenebra
The roots of black metal band Mater Tenebra lie somewhere in the mist of year 1999 when Vlad "Nevermore" met Sigurd and Edd and they all together launched a project called Nomad to express their own ideas in extreme metal. In 2000 name was changed to Mater Tenebra (inspired by the works of Opera IX).
In 2002 Sigurd and Edd leaved band due to lack of interest but later in autumn Vlad 'Necroboar' joined on bass and Aleksandr (a.ka. Burzum) took care of synth.
During the 2003 Mater Tenebra mostly struggled with various problems (war against the alcohol and lack of real drummer) but also rehearsed at home arranging musical themes into songs.
In beginning of 2004 Burzum decided to mount battery - a very importand event which gave enormous boost to the band's musical activity: soon after that Mater Tenebra participated in "Hauatagused karjed vol.1" underground metal compilation released by Hexenreich Records - a track called "Fearlord" was recorded at band's rehearsal place.
A first gigs were soon enough to come, the very first took place 09.05.2004 in Tanker pub followed by couple of performances during the summer that year and at Hell Awaits metal-fest 02.10.2004 (with Bestia, ITK, Grom and others).
During autumn 2005/spring 2006 Kostyl' (lead guitar) took part in bands activities and results were gigs in winter 2006.
In summer 2007 Burzum and Necrovlad leave Mater Tenebra to develop their own project and Nevermore recruited fresh reinforcments (Ilya on bass and Nikita behind the battery). During 2008 was only one event. In the August Unholy Goat has changed his bass to drums, and Gifat took his place. In December, Unholy Goat has left because of lack of time, and now band is searching for a new drummer.
Band name: Mater Tenebra
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: heathen black/death metal
Founded: 1999
Nevermore - rhythm guitar, vocals Grom
Vaal Nehrist' - guitar
Previous members:
Gifat - bass (2008-2009)
Unholy Goat - Bass, Drums (2007-2008)
Zyx - synth (session) (2006-2008)
Burzum - drums (2002-2007)
Necroboar - bass (2002-2007)
Kostyl' - lead guitar (2005-2006)
Thrasher - synth (2005-2006)
Sigurd - guitar (1999-2002)
Edd - bass (1999-2002)
Tracks on compilations:
Hauatagused karjed vol.1 2004

1. Fearlord

E-mail: raven_dark (at)
Last change: 22-02-2008 edited lineup

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