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More than a year ago, Stem made the decision to give no more performances and start again from square one. The reasons for this were discontent with our material, absence of neccessary gear and a lack of vision for the future. What started in the fall of 2005 was a journey. We set out to find our face and sound. Along the way we did not find willing swedish nymphettes and unopened cans of cold beer as we had hoped, but instead a series of rather nasty obstacles.

Many bottles were emptied, many broken. Edmar had already left the band before, leaving Dave the only one responsible for vocals. After a while, it was decided that Raido should switch from guitar to bass. And Kõnd left. So Stem was a four-piece. But the situation appeared to be temporary as well. By that time Kristjan and Elijah had joined a side project called Macondo, which was lead by old friends Kaur and Mart. In time Macondo proved to be more vital than Stem.

By the Summer of 2006 it had become evident, that 2 bands was not a way to continue. Blood was shed, virgins were sacrificed, souls were sold and balls were shaven all in the name of darkness and ultimate evil of the allmighty keeper of all knowledge in the universe and beyond and everything. Kaur became the guitarist and Mart the vocalist.

We have not found the nymphettes that we set out for, but we are goddamn fucking tired of hiding in the shade. So here we are, good as old, but with a new stupid grin on our faces.
Band name: Stem
Location: Tartu
Genre: progressive metal
Style: modernmetal
Founded: 2002
Deiv - vocals
Kristjan - drums
Raido - bass
Elijah - guitar
Kaur - guitar, programming
Mart - vocals, guitar
Previous members:
Tanel - bass (2002-2006)
Edmar - vocals (2002-2005)
Maran - guitar (2002-2003)
Marble Men 2007

1. First Among the Equals
2. Spit Against the Wind
3. Pre- evil
4. The Beast from the Great Beyond | mp3
5. Marble Men
6. Sequence of Nothing | mp3
7. Self-delusion
8. Near Death Experience | mp3
9. Soulstorm Frenzy
10. Beta- rhythm

Promo EP 2005

1. Intro
2. Fragility
3. In Honor to Him
4. Malicious Lies

Demo 2003

1. Truth
2. Empty
3. Testify
4. Purity

  • The Beast From The Great Beyond
  • Other downloads:
  • A scratch, a scar
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    E-mail: stem (at)
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