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Forgotten Sunrise
“I do believe this is a violation against some universal laws of music,” hailed The Metal Observer, giving an album maximum points - “Psychedelic, trippy, schizophrenic, disturbing and utterly mesmerizing!” Setting Dead Can Dance, David Lynch, Katatonia, Celtic Frost and Clock DVA as intellectual role models, Forgotten Sunrise is able to create honest and unique music that is difficult to compare or define. There is a great deal of alternative dance music, the grim tone of metal, the unruliness of jazz and Lynchesque unpredictabilities. Forgotten Sunrise, active in the dark music scene since the early nineties, has gained a respectable audience in Estonia and often-visited neighbouring countries. In addition to local releases, albums have been published on foreign soil - in Finland and Italy. Tracks have been on compilations in many different countries, as well as used in theatre productions and indie-movies. The front musical rioter of Berlin, Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot), who did his remix for the single “Different Knots Of Ropelove”, applauded: “It was so much fun, the vocals are insane!”
Band name: Forgotten Sunrise
Location: Tallinn
Genre: industrial metal
Style: Deathbeat
Founded: 1992
Anders - Vocal, Programming Skydancer, Whispering Forest, Killemboth
Gerty - Keyboards, Female Vocal
Pavel - Guitars Bestia, Meatopathy
Ragnar - Percussions, synth
Previous members:
Andrey Voinov - Bass (2004-2007)
Renno Süvaoja - Guitar (1996-2006) Rattler, Killemboth, Khillem
Ginger-Lizzy - Electronics (2005-2006) Sex Machine
Evestus - Percussions (2003-2005) Solwaig
Tiux - Female vocals, keyboards (1997-2005) Solwaig
Riivo Torstenberg - Bass (2001-2004) Brides in Bloom
Meelis Looveer - Programming (1996-2001)
Andrey Voinov - Bass (1999-2001)
Jan Talts - Bass (1992-1999) Forfeit, Catafalc, Killemboth, Solwaig, Khillem
Keijo Koppel - Guitar (1997-1999) Whispering Forest
George - Keyboards (1993-1995) Flytrap
Tarvo Valm - Drums (1992-1995) Shower, Damage, Flytrap, Misery, Human Ground
Kusti - Guitar (1992-1995) Flytrap, East Trading Wang
Different Knots Of Ropelove 2008

1. Ropelove (Short Rope Edit)
2. Ropelove (RMX by Kardinaljävel )
3. Ropelove (RMX by Suicidal Romance)
4. Ropelove (RMX by Alec Empire)
5. Ropelove (RMX by Jesus Complex)
6. Ropelove (Android Melts RMX by Requiem For FM)
7. Ropelove (RMX by Mano Juodoji Sesuo)
8. Ropelove (RMX by H_12)
9. Ropelove (RMX by Darkmen)
10. Ropelove (RMX by Älymystö)
11. Ropelove (RMX by noCore)
12. Over The Deathbringer Stars (RMX by Holzkopf)

Willand 2007

1. I
2. Ropelove
3. LO-Fi PPL In The Fade-Out World
4. Nextep Suicide
5. Dead Le Gends A Mong The Living
6. Prophylactic EUthanAsia
7. Christ Your Name
8. Manyone
9. Veri De:p Shortgut
10. Hero-In-Gre:npiece
11. The Ownle: Noise
12. O

Never(k)now 2005

1. Above The Clouds Remix by Pharmac Hooliganz
2. Device Remix by Device
3. Short Version by Mess Twice
4. Bleeding Angel Remix by XP8
5. Long Version by Mess Twice
6. Video Version

Ru:mipu:dus 2004

1. Outumnyo:nic | mp3
2. Never(k)now | mp3
3. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker
4. Vhatsoewer
5. (Life) 24 h
6. Surroundcosmos | mp3
7. Into Flesh I Was Born
8. Thou-Sand-Men
9. Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me
10. Over The Deathbringer Stars
11. The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker (Rage filled remix by Ghost from G.G.F.H.)
12. Never(k)now (videotrack)

Ple:se Disco-Nnect Me 2003

1. Clean Version
2. Device Remix By Device
3. Off_Line Remix By Unidentified
4. Death By Pop-Gun Remix By Bongirl
5. Clean Sucks Remix By Jubei
6. Vocal Up Remix By Cyclone B
7. Device Easy Feeling Remix By Device
8. Second Face Remix By Mess Twice
9. Galaktlan Remix By Galaktlan
10. Diskonekt "Long Time Dead" Remix By GGFH
11. Dirty Socks Remix By Jubei
12. Disconnected Remix By Dj Brain
13. Original Version

a.Nimal f.Lesh - Looma Liha 2000

1. K-Os Tik-Tak
2. Vhatsoewer
3. Surroundcosmos
4. My First Day Was My Birthday
5. Christ Your Name
6. Surroundcosmos (Clean Version)
7. K-os Tik-Tak (End Of The Reverse Side RMX By Karmo Koppel)
8. Christ Your Name (Drastic RMX By Karmo Koppel)

Forgotten Sunrise 1999

1. Waves & Flames
2. Hero-In-Gre:npiece
3. Into Flesh I Was Born
4. Sombrefog
5. Midwinter Dreamlights
6. Sombrefog (Plastic Wrapper RMX By El Diablo)
7. Hero-In-Gre:npiece (Soft Switch RMX By The Alchemist)
8. Into Flesh I Was Born (Come Upon RMX By El Diablo)

Forever Sleeping Greystones 1994

1. Unknown Land Of Silence | mp3
2. Ode To The Depressice Timedance
3. Enjoyment Of Sunrise
4. In Your Eyes

Behind The Abysmal Sky 1993

1. Intro : Sunrise
2. Rottening Art
3. Alive In The Grave
4. Indifference | mp3
5. Son Of Sun
6. Knock-Outro : Solstice

  • Never(k)now
  • Sõjajala õis
  • In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
  • The Moments When God Was Wrong
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