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Rattler Death Metal
The eldest and the most extreme death metal act in Estonia. The leader and former of the band Creator started with his musical career in early 1989 and it took a year to form a band. Two years of hard working and Rattler ... Read more >>

Mass In Comatose death metal
Mass in Comatose is a three-piece death metal act from Tallinn, Estonia that plays old-school death metal with a playfully experimetal edge. The birth of the band was in early 2007, when Sorts, having parted ways with ... Read more >>

Bestia pagan black metal
Roots of Bestia lie somewhere in the end of 90-ties, when Andres, who was already member of two metal bands, decided to form his own death/black metal side project with serious attitude and ambitious plans. The beginning ... Read more >>

Celestial Crown Atmospheric Blackened Gothic Doom Metal
The band originates from Tartu, Estonia. In the year 1999 Denis (The DeVol) together with his university friend Aleksander (a.k.a. Shel) decided to form a band. In 1996, they had been in another band that broke up because ... Read more >>

Catafalc Brutal Death Metal
It was the year 1999, when the Estonian metal scene was shaken by death-like guitar riffs, fast drums and sepulchral growling not proper for the time.. The decay of a former band and serial festival “Põrguwärk” (R.I.P.), ... Read more >>

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