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In February, Metsatöll releases their new album

*...In the morning programme on January 10th, Metsatöll's drummer Atso gave an interview*

On January 1st, Metsatöll's single “Birds From Water” was released. Their new album, Iivakivi will hit the streets on February 24. It is well known that singles sales are not a major selling point in Estonia. According to Atso, however, Metsatöll has always done things that are not very profitable for the band. “Of course it is not cost-effective to make a single. There are only two songs on it. But our single includes a song that will not appear on the full album. In addition, it will be released only as a limited run. It is indeed more of a fan product, so that when it's sold out, it is sold out and you can no longer get this song in physical form anywhere,” Atso told us.

“Iivakivi used to be such a rock where the women went sliding bare-assed on Midsummer's Eve, and the men watched from the bushes. It's the same thing today. People go out to night-clubs and the men ogle. It's an album to crank up your dick,” Atso introduced us the message of the new album. Style-wise, the album is 100% Metsatöll, according to the drummer. “We are very proud of it ourselves. But we'll see how the listeners accept it.” Atso added that all the songs put together form a complete whole. “Once you listen to the entire album, from the beginning to the end, it will make you think. It is definitely not boring. There are a lot of surprises.”

The cover of the new single was created by the well-known Estonian artist Jüri Arrak. “We have had a good and friendly cooperation with Arrak for quite some time now. We understand each other very well. We both realize that if you are going to do something, it really has to be meaningful, and have deep significance,” Atso described their collaboration with the artist. “In fact he drew the picture on the cover of the single already in 1992, but the album cover for Iivakivi was drawn specially for Metsatöll. In addition, he also drew us a picture of the entire band.” Atso added that Arrak did not ask for a single cent for his efforts. “Knowing Jüri Arrak, I'm glad to owe him a service,” the drummer described the payment deal.

Atso also promised several new exciting news from Metsatöll, come February 1st. In the morning programme, he lifted the veil of secrecy somewhat, telling us that an Estonian-Finnish-Latvian tour is in the works. “In addition, there will be album presentations and several other very interesting news, but I do not yet want to reveal them,” Atso remained secretive.

Zine: The morning programme (radio)

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