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We started making a band back in1998 under the name Refinery. Founding members were Volli Kalju (guitar) and Andri Laidre (guitar and bass). He’s now playing in a band named Sequence. Soon we found a permanent guitar player Ernest, who was desk mate of Volli. After Andri’s departure from band, duo Volli and Ernest started of rehearsing and writing songs. Also the name was changed. After long searching, finally in year 2000, drummer was found. Thanks to him we got a rehearsal room and buying decant equipment, we start to work hard on our songs. Then, after 4 months the bass player Veiko joined our crew. Thanks to good fellowship in band and lot of rehearsing, we made a fast and productive progress. New name, Archmages, was suggested by drummer Urm and was approved by other band members without any problems. The first, and best so far, concert took place in March 2001. Thanks to professional sound-engineer, we made a good impression to audience. Two months afterwards, we went to studio to record our first song. It was recorded within 6 hours in Matrix studio, in Tallinn. The song “Unavoidable Way” was played in metal radio show Metallion and was voted number one in Raadio2’s week chart. In summer 2001 we had only 3 gigs due to the writing of new songs, what took most of our time. Second song, “Getting Free”, was recorded in 25th October. And It was played also in Metallion. "Getting Free" got a very good review from Madox. We also sent our first two-track demos outside of Estonia for reviews. One of the best was printed in a Canadian Metal site "Metalcrypt". In the end of December synthesiser player Tuuli joined our ranks. From now on our new songs will have an input of a synth, which will no doubt make our music more expressive and melodic. We began taping our second demo on April 9th in Guano studios, Tallinn. We got 4 songs on tape in 3 days. As a sum we were in the studio for only 16 hours, which is of course too little for any kind of decent outcome. However without proper financing we have to make do, with what we can. But to be honest this demo was surprisingly good as it was. One can see, what kind of music we make and a little overview from the rest of our production. This new demo has 6 tracks, "Unavoidable Way" and "Getting Free" from the first demo. Right now we are busy working with new material and also try to have as many lives as possible for experience. In the nearest future we plan to go back to the studio for taping another single. Possibly in June or July. We also have a new guitar player Mauno Meesit, who right now is filling in in lives for Volli and probably is going to be a `full-time` guitar player with us. Time will tell!
Band name: Archmages
Location: Tallinn
Genre: gothic metal
Style: alternative
Founded: 1998   RIP: 2004
Volli Kalju - vocal, guitar
Ernest Viira - lead guitar
Mauno Meesit - guitar
Veiko Viidas - bass
Priit Urm - drums
Tuuli Tammoja - keyboard
Previous members:
Andri Laidre - guitar, bass (1998-2000)
My Last Escape 2002

1. Coma | mp3
2. Getting Free
3. Alone Again
4. My Last Escape | mp3
5. Unavoidable Way
6. Yearning

Demo 2002 2002

1. Unavoidable Way
2. Getting Free | mp3

Demo 2001 2001

1. Unavoidable Way | mp3

E-mail: archmagesband (at)
Last change: 27-10-2004 added band info

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