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Brides in Bloom
Brides in Bloom is a hard working rockband from Estonia. Their melodic music combines the sounds of modern & classic rock. This kind of symbiosis produces a unique sound & uniformity, that hasn’t been heard in these grounds. Brides in Bloom’s live preformances can be characterized as energetic & communicative. On the stage, the Brides are at their best, creating an electric wedding, a marriage between the listener & the band.

Band has released a four song EP „No Excuses“, toured actively around Estonia, and have managed to create a solid fanbase here. They have been an opening act for many international stars, among others Paradise Lost & The Rasmus. With their new single in the Estonan Radio Playlists, their status in the local music scene is stronger than ever. This summer, Brides in Bloom will be performing on Estonias biggest outdoor festivals, but their main focus is on studiowork. Their Second EP release time will be in the end of February.

Brides in Bloom was formed in October 2003, when two Media students Mick & Mark decided to join forces after their previous bands had broke up. Since then the line up has changed couple of times. The new lineup brings together 5 professional musicians who’s dedication deserves to be noticed. Brides in Bloom’s line up is:

Mikk Tammepõld alias Mick, whose astonishing singing style has been compared to the likes of Robert Plant, Jeff Buckley & Jim Morrison. His previous projects have been Freeday – Mick’s first group, where he developed his songwriting skills; Lolita – a funk- jazz grop with a little touch of progressive rock and Nostation – clean sounding Rock group. Mick has studied classical piano & selftaught guitar player. He has a bachelors degree in Film & Video.

Behind the rythm guitar is the bands heart and soul Martti Leetsar alias Mark Lee, who is the writer of many Brides in Bloom songs. His previous project was Flashback where he was the bands lead figure & songwriter. Mark has studied classical piano & is a selftaught guitar picker. He has a bachelors degree in Film & Video.

Behind the drums is Priit Mägi alias Max who has been working with several Professional Estonian bands (Ruffus, Shelton San and many more).

On the bassguitar is another experienced musician Riivo Torstenberg, whose previous bigger projects have been Forgotten Sunrise & Nostation.

On the solo guitar is the bands youngest member Taavi Langi, who at the age of 22 is allready amongst the elite of estonian guitar players. Allready as a young kid he studied classical guitar and won several contests in the baltic states. Has studied pop-jazz guitar in Viljandi Culture College. He is giving guitar lessons in his hometown musicschool. Has experience with several professional groups, but now has found the right family & a musical setup to satisfy his ambitions.

Sincerely yours,

The Brides
Band name: Brides in Bloom
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: Rock
Founded: 2004
Mick - Vocal
Martti Leetsar - Guitars
Taavi Langi - Guitars
Riivo - Bass Forgotten Sunrise
Priit Mägi - Drums
Previous members:
Kid - Guitars (2004-2006)
CHB - Drums (2004-2006)
Believe 2006

1. Believe | mp3
2. The Ride (unplugged version)

The Ride (unplugged) 2005

1. The Ride (unplugged)

No Excuses EP 2005

1. No Excuses
2. The Ride | mp3
3. Another Way | mp3
4. Push Comes to Shove | mp3
5. The Ride / punkdisco remix
6. Push Comes to Shove / drum'n bass metal remix
7. Push Comes to Shove / house remix

Push Comes to Shove 2004

1. Push Comes to Shove | mp3

E-mail: bib (at)
Other contacts:
Vana-Kalamaja 17a-10
Last change: 04-05-2006 edited biography

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