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East Trading Wang
ETW interview

1. Who the f#$% are East Trading Wang?

Kristjan Pärn-guitar, vocals / Maik Rõngelep-drums / Margus ”Kusti” Gustavson-guitar / Margus Laasma-bass.

2. The name East Trading Wang means...?

It’s as good as any other name.

3. What is East Trading Wang all about?

ETW is all about World domination with headquarters situated in China.
It’s all about doing whatever you want.
Everybody should have an East Trading Wang CD because “Employees of the Year” is a milestone in alko-rock/hippie-sport music style and on “Favela.Yayo.Caipirinha” we took a big leap forward.

4. The thing that people would never expect about East Trading Wang:

Our ambitions.

5. The best aspect of being in East Trading Wang is:

We are friends having good time playing together. We've had the same line-up for 8 years now and we’ve been through both good as well as bad times. There have been much more good than bad times, though.

6. The worst aspect of being in East Trading Wang is:

Money; to be exact – the lack of it.

7. Living in Estonia Rocks because:

Estonia is a small country.

8. Living in Estonia sucks because:

Estonia is a small country.

9. East Trading Wang thinks this about the European Union:

For us it’s a damn good opportunity to travel in EU countries and not have to explain on every border why our bus is loaded with all those guitars and drums.

10. East Trading Wang thinks these artists are gods:

We are atheists.

11. The ambitions of East Trading Wang are:

World domination.

12. ‘Little Nicky’ rocks because:

Ozzy bit off a pigeon's head and Hell seemed to be a good place to be. We were glad to win the contest but entering into the contest happened by accident. Kind of pressed the button on the computer without being aware of consequences. Believe it or not.

13. We are going to see this great band live:

13/05 Rock Café, Tallinn;
10/06 Rabarock festival, Estonia

14. We should expect new material around:

“Favela.Yayo.Caipirinha” will be released on 05/05/05 by Nailboard Records. You can download a two-track teaser from

15. Thanx for the answers, hope to see you around in Holland soon!

Thank you, we certainly hope so!

Author: Jasper Hesselink
Zine: Lords Of Metal

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